16 thoughts on “How To Draw Cartoon Smoke !- Step By Step / Wiz Khalifa (ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR)”

  1. HettyPatel says:

    What tablet do you use?

  2. Thabo Ncube says:

    draw fire in the next video

  3. theatre reaction says:

    Time has come for another live stream man

  4. theatre reaction says:

    Thanks for teaching all this man
    Really appreciate. It❤❤❤❤
    Love from nepal❤❤❤❤

  5. Ruan victor says:

    Hi, i'm brazil, good work i like your channel

  6. Ruan victor says:

    Do you have a table of drawing?

  7. Aman Deep says:

    Sir can u pls make a cartoon with blue hair strikes pls sir ❤ @chiworld1234

  8. Kri Sti says:

    Shading is the hardest part when it comes to draw cartoon

  9. Tomat51 says:

    Oooooh amazing!

  10. Oluchi Olivia says:

    Please do a video on exporting the paintings as vector files to upload to Instagram. E.G "How to export art as vector" or "convert PNG file to vector file (showing how to send it to your phone)

  11. nakdgasmnky22 says:

    DOPE shit!!!! Need a smoke tutorial done in Procreate

  12. AshleyMarie says:

    Can you go a bit more slower and in depth on how you do the eyeballs. Like the iris colored part of the eye?

  13. bebeto flavio sipho hlabisa says:

    That beat goin in hard.

  14. SOUND GODS says:

    this guy makes it look so fuckin easy

  15. Yusuf Deen Magline says:

    @chiworld1234 can u do more videos for mouse users….
    your work is lit…thanks

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