How to get a Medical Marijuana Card in Missouri

If you live in Missouri and have ever asked yourself “How can I get a Medical Marijuana Card?” this is the video for you. In this short video I will take you step by step from getting a recommendation from a Cannabis Doctor to applying for your Medical Marijuana card with the state itself. We also talk about where to purchase legal Cannabis in Missouri.

In this video I mention patients are able to purchase 4 ounces of Cannabis a month. I forgot to mention you are allowed to possess a 60 day supply of 8 ounces (12 if you have a cultivators license).

For more information about Missouri’s Medical Marijuana program visit the Department of Health and Senior Services website:

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24 thoughts on “How to get a Medical Marijuana Card in Missouri”

  1. TCGamingTV says:

    I got my Missouri medical card brother

  2. Pat Talks Law says:

    Great start. Look forward to seeing where you go. Keep it up Nate!

  3. Gideon Cv2 says:

    Thanks for help bro

  4. Random Tofu says:

    Great video! Looking forword to more videos! Subbed and liked.

  5. ndcent4u says:

    I'd hate to be a test case for possession of AR or OK cannabis in Mo. Good video Nate. With so much stigma still attached, there isn't much info being put out.

  6. Avatar Daniel says:

    Thank you for taking the time to share this information!

  7. Cool Cam says:

    Check out go to , no records needed, they will evaluate and certify you easily. Get everything done in one shot and same day!

  8. Bootsandcats says:

    Love to see more states come to the green side, cheers from california!

  9. blake weston says:

    did you personally see dr. sorin?

  10. Thomas Francis says:

    Hi Nate! I had a motorcycle accident three years ago. Went to the doctor then, I was prescribed opiates for pain temporarily. I have not been back to the doctor since then and only use Advil for pain. Do you think that would qualify?

  11. IDI iNAHu says:

    I take Zoloft and have add and used to take medication for it do you think I would qualify I also have had my medical card in California idk if that helps

  12. cRaZy. MaMa16 says:

    Reminds me of aahh Obama

  13. Cool Cam says:

    Great Video Nate! If you need a Missouri Medical Marijuana Card at , apply online, no need for records and they do it all over the phone too.

  14. Ben Dover says:

    what about anxiety? I have anxiety pretty bad and I hate being on effexor, it makes me feel like a zombie

  15. NationalRepairSolutions says:

    Check out do it all online and over the phone, just $125

  16. Ramin says:

    1 question:
    If you have your card, can employers deny you employment if you fail their drug test?

  17. Mr. Toxic9000 says:

    Will medical marijuana help with my anxiety, stress, and my autism?

  18. Rokschtarr says:

    I have to questions. Is the legal age for medical marijuana 18 or 21? Also, does diagnosed ADHD qualify? I am prescribed concerta and i hate taking it bc i can’t socialize and i can’t eat when I’m on it.

  19. L0cd 0ut says:

    There a site you can get it for appetite easy as that lol this guy dont know what he talking about

  20. L0cd 0ut says:

    All they want is money and boom u can get it if u go to the right places which is online yall

  21. my mix real talk says:

    Educate to medicate.

  22. Ben Graddy says:

    I got mine….didn't do me any good still can't get a decent job ….considering my options right now

  23. nemo says:

    Dont get 1 your just wasting your money they said spring time dispensary,s will open it's all a lie we will be lucky if they open winter time of 2020

  24. will h says:

    You mention you can have “4 oz of cannabis”. That is the 30 day purchase limit. You can posses up to a 60 day supply (8 oz) or 90 day supply (12 oz) with cultivation authorization.

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