How to grow Marijuana – 5 tips to produce more Resin

5 tips for cannabis growers looking to produce more resin on their buds.

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The foliar spray mentioned that can produce more resin:

Lights I recommend:
Gavita Pro 1000w HPS lights:

Hortilux Blue MH:

I like the parabolic reflectors for MH supplementation:

Youtube Channel

10 thoughts on “How to grow Marijuana – 5 tips to produce more Resin”

  1. craig wilson says:

    Could u do a video about how to use the foliar spray or help with sum more info

  2. BugattiFan301 says:

    Great video thank you.

  3. Darragh says:

    Great video

  4. James Carlin says:

    Make therm girls dance!!!!

  5. Man Hue says:

    This a how to video. But this man is doing nothing but talking. Show me how! This is YouTube not fucking reddit

  6. pepe Man says:

    Crazy that he ended up in prison for murder right after he started this channel. Comes off as a nice guy.

  7. nick says:

    Ok so these cultivators in craft grows dnt hav there lights close most grow 30 40 percent n lights r fixed to ceiling they r intense enough u dnt need to raise or lower the light

  8. Phil Carlson says:

    Bro that squeal

  9. Devin Martin says:

    Foliage spraying of light Epsom salt is also a key.

  10. Pat Merrick says:

    What's the foliar spray ?

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