How to grow Marijuana | GROW OP 101 special message " KALIGROWN BUDZ " | GROWERS UNIVERSITY

Quick message KALIGROWN has a new channel. KALIGROWN BUDZ two words. Please everyone get there and subscribe.
They can’t take the HEAD GROWMIE OUT THE GAME.

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17 thoughts on “How to grow Marijuana | GROW OP 101 special message " KALIGROWN BUDZ " | GROWERS UNIVERSITY”

  1. Jeff Ricketts says:

    Thanks for the info.

  2. James Randall says:

    You two should do a video together, maybe Q&A? Also fuck YouTube and the censorship of free people and speech

  3. Turnkeylife says:

    Damm, Thanks for the heads up

  4. Moonrock High says:

    Weedtube brotha

  5. ernest denney says:

    anybody know what happened to fromseedtostoned

  6. NorCal 420 says:

    Good Looking out growmie. Check out my channel we need to support each other.

  7. Doughboy Los says:

    The seed give always is what does it my g…no wonder I haven’t seen him up ..KGB 4 life lol

  8. O.M.G. Texas420 says:

    Heck yea bro your the man, your a straight shooter bro.
    Loving it gromie God bless you and hope you rock that garden like you have never rocked a garden.
    I hope them pineapples that are going to be hanging from them red woods turn into watermelons if you know what I mean.
    Peace gromie

  9. Eddie B says:

    What Karma? Kaligrown Budz with a Z!

  10. MD Cannabiz says:

    Good looks!

  11. transfer says:

    Hey bro I live in the IE and it gets pretty damn hot out here. Currently building a greenhouse, just ordered 55% opacity mylar film is that too high or will it do the job? I’ve been looking on forums but can’t find the answer I’m looking for. What % is your mylar film on your greenhouses?

  12. Carlos Pena says:

    Y did they delete him

  13. Ian Marino says:

    Aye that's cool of you to shot out kali like that. I found you through him , and now I found him back again through you. Cool shit bro

  14. Daniel Moreno says:

    Let's migrate to theweedtube

  15. Pecker Peter says:

    Only Way, to not get deleted.. Make your own website, many others doing this…

  16. bryan king says:

    Thanks for the updates will return the favor for him

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