How to make CannaButter AKA Marijuana Butter

Link for Marijuana Infused Coconut Oil

What you will NEED!!!
Cooking Pot…
1 Ounce of Decarbed Marijuana…
1 Pound of Unsalted Butter…
Approximately 5 Cups of Water…1 1/2 Inches of Water in Your Pot…
Glass or Stainless Steel Bowl…..
Digital Thermometer…..
Glass Jar for Storage…..
Paper Towel…


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11 thoughts on “How to make CannaButter AKA Marijuana Butter”

  1. VIDEO REAL says:

    Liked, commented & shared, Cheers <3

  2. Donna Schummer says:

    Great video, I always learn so much from your videos. Probably some of the most informative marijuana cooking videos that I’ve seen on YouTube. Keep the videos coming!

  3. Isaiah Casillas says:

    How long should i boil for if im putting a zip with half a cup of 82% fat butter

  4. Dick Schaefer says:

    Great video thank you! One of the things that I do when I make my butter is when the marijuana is decarbed and rested (cooled) on the cookie sheet I spritz it with a fine mist of everclear, let that rest for 15 minutes then add it to the melted butter/water misture. This extra little step seems to help with the extraction of cannaboids into the butter before actual cooking begins. Just my 2 cents worth.

  5. Brittani Brock says:

    Can you do this without water? Using the double boiler method?

  6. Lesah R says:

    Love your style of teaching, thank you!

  7. Drone sighting Smith says:

    It’s funny, as soon as the bread appears in the video I noticed it. 🙂

  8. mrbakerskatz says:

    There are so many different videos on making cannabutter , but your method is the one I’ll use . The extra info you include could save a rebel a lot of pain ! A friend showed me his butter the other day and it didn’t look anywhere close to edible .One other difference is you say to make it and use it or freeze it , non of the other videos I’ve watched did I pick up on that !

    I’m doing very well since I’ve started including edibles in my medical care ,very much in part to your help . I’ve been so very sick from all of the morphine (120 mg)/day ) since 2003 and then the lost months (Months) from the withdraw of said morphine . Such a nasty worthless drug ,at least long term . I never looked back when I quit, because I knew I only had one shot at it !

    Thanks again Le Ann You are a beautiful friend to have indeed !

  9. Zaire Zhane says:

    How would you make it with coconut oil

  10. April Graham says:

    Hello, loved the video. I'm new to this but I'm lazy too, lol. I use the machine to make my butter but I was wondering, what do you do with your leftover pot after straining?

  11. Cindy Ings says:

    Before you spoke about the bread and I was like… she's gotta be a Newfie!!!! YES!!!!!! I'm Newfie too doll!!!! LOVE IT!! I make my bread too!! Nothing like the smell of bread in your house eh???

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