1. Jennie2Spliffs says:

    HEYYYY fam im new here ! looking good!!! keep up the amazing videooos ! Stayyy Litt <3

  2. YSL Lodus says:

    Fat ass blunt , cheers my boy

  3. ALI fldz says:

    Damn wen he reach 100k subs that got b lit asf but like won't yur cops see ur vids wen u get bigger

  4. YSL Lodus says:

    Teach us how to get a strap if ee don't have one . its necessary in this day and age bro .

  5. Sesamestreet9080 says:

    Just don't fuck with shady people and have back grounds checks such ask people around about him and see if he solid

  6. xTripppy says:

    been here since before 1k rockin wit u the long way

  7. ranberry66 says:

    sup mk

  8. ranberry66 says:

    sup mk

  9. Fagg Fagg says:

    I saw Your Insta story that shit look good will you ever ship across states? Not that I want some rn bur later on the future

  10. Tammy Tobacco says:

    about time you hit 4 kSubs young Mike for 18 and up

  11. Rob Perez says:

    U a lil broke ass dirty Dusty boy get a new gay that 5 dollar hat in that bum ass car

  12. Rob Perez says:

    U a bitch u not shooting shit bitch

  13. Rob Perez says:

    Lil broke bitch u not even working wit a pound n if u is th ats still lil bitch weight lil kids working wit that much

  14. Rob Perez says:

    U only got a 1000 u gonna be broke u give that up

  15. Gal Beeri says:

    u r a joke

  16. nibba fuck u says:

    ey g im in laredo, if i ever go by SA would u hook me up or wasgood

  17. Andrew Huerta says:

    A fo I started watching when you had 200 subs G keep working hard VATO

  18. spacemann123 says:

    So Mike I'm start up the bis and I'm starting with with 2 Oz but how do I make more profit and not just stay stuck with 2 Oz like I'm wanna make it up in the world or if anyone that started like me can you help me please

  19. OG Eddie says:


  20. Jacob Bilton says:

    Do a video on how to take bong rips

  21. Greilzrasdanth 1 says:

    Bro, no hating but, no one wants to see these videos and then watch a news story about a YouTuber with thousands of subscribers who got 'popped off' on and is now not around to make YouTube videos. Would just put a 18+ warning in the description if was you. This video was violent bro, thumbs down.

  22. Vex God says:

    Do you fuck with bongs

  23. Kevin Galarza says:

    Thats what i smoke everyday

  24. Witty Wiff says:

    Where a basketball jersey next video

  25. TayyOZ says:

    Yo. I been watching your vids for a while bro. I get my ounce for 125 and recently started flipping

  26. Pussy Slapper says:

    I got robbed for 25 dollars from my homie I was gonna buy a eighth cause he owed me and he beat the shit out me with four other dudes

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