How to Roll a 1/4 Ounce Gingerbread Man Joint

We hang out with our host Tony Greenhand has he gives us a tutorial on how to make the best, most shocking Holiday themed joints. In this episode, he teaches us how to make a gingerbread joint.Click here to subscribe to VICE:

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42 thoughts on “How to Roll a 1/4 Ounce Gingerbread Man Joint”

  1. adampincente209 says:

    Dudes finger nails are fucking disgusting. He bites them like a nervous little bitch.

  2. Faraon Eaton says:

    Let's smoke some glue!!

  3. San Joaquin Valley Transparency says:

    Record the police

  4. Gonzalo Venegas Gomez says:

    What a loser

  5. Nennem52 says:

    Aaaand unsubscribed

  6. Cindy Perez says:

    His voices changes periodically lol

  7. Cindy Perez says:

    I don’t even smoke weed. But I really like crafts

  8. Jaida Nichols says:

    Me: making weed gingerbread man

    Mom: Oh this will look so good on the gingerbread house!

    Me: Uh no you don’t wann-

  9. Mere Arihi Pipi-Takoko says:

    Fuk vice

  10. MWYANT19 says:

    this guy is actually very articulate and coherent. well done sir.

  11. NPC nationalist says:

    This is Extreme Left Wing Propaganda

  12. zhealthcare says:

    Why can’t you just smoke the damn thing fuck that

  13. Charlie Rudden says:

    Bro I’m just tryna smoke some weed

  14. Shane Stange says:

    Wheeeere do i go to find the glue for joints that hes using bc all im finding is wood glue for i guess a house???? Or why huffing glue is bad. So

  15. ODW says:


  16. frizzybob says:

    Who remembers smoking out of a pop can ?

  17. Jop Mens says:

    This is just voodoo with extra steps

  18. Bautista Nicolas says:

    crafty stoner!

  19. Primitive Pestilence says:

    Does that dude have his own channel?

  20. Ginger Peachy says:

    Vice is the largest pro-legalise drugs company on earth. It's a disgrace how many shitty 'smoke weed this way' videos they make and promote. 30 minute videos like 'the man who smoked weed with a cymbal up his ass'.

    Legalise drugs at your peril. You think society is fucked now?

  21. Raghav Duggal says:

    Father- Have you "Weed Artist" yet?
    Son – No.
    Father – Talk to me when you "Weed Artist".

    If only…..

  22. Nick Rad says:

    fantastic journalism here Vice!

  23. Kingzy says:


  24. Stranger Resuello says:

    Is this legal

  25. TheDumbDuck says:


  26. TheMcgojoh says:

    Why not call it Ginerjoint man?

  27. Victoria Tzeremes says:

    this guy is hot

  28. Kaisersozze says:

    Thats a voodoo doll.

  29. TheCzar OfGnar says:

    4 seasons of this and over half the motherfuckers I know STILL can't roll a joint with a tip… Comment if you actually tried this shit or just rolled a fucking blunt

  30. HaileeIs Happy says:

    No one has enough money for this lmao

  31. Sues Anna says:

    After seeing that guy… I will never ever smoke weed!

  32. Steve Danrts says:

    Omg fucking hilarious

  33. Jinxie says:

    Please give me more of this guy

  34. Chieko Kagawa says:

    Snoop Dogg has left the chat

  35. Deidra Key says:

    He needs his own series

  36. Oliver pejter says:

    Its weed jesus

  37. x afifa x says:

    why is this satisfying to watch lol

  38. Quintin Roberts says:

    Hey Tony you should do a Q joint

  39. Lun Hing says:

    Shit let me come over and smoke up vice

  40. Bill Brasky says:

    weed is retarded

  41. Breyden Robles says:

    Vice subscribers have left the chat *

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