How To Start A Medical Marijuana Operation In Oklahoma.

Tulsa Attorney Isaiah Brydie with Urban Legal explains how to start up a grow processing and distribution operation for medical marijuana in the state of Oklahoma. You can open up a grow operation, a processing operation, and a distribution operation, all three in one.

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16 thoughts on “How To Start A Medical Marijuana Operation In Oklahoma.”

  1. Derek Davis says:

    Would you please do a video or message me about the state laws vs federal laws on gun ownership for self defense and hunting and having a medical marijuana card.

  2. Killer kev says:

    Loving the info!

  3. Shawn Polly says:

    Hit me up on LinkedIn. I wanna talk at you.

  4. T says:

    Ok so I got a question, say you got a acre of land out in the middle of basically nowhere like a greenhouse op in a field, and you start the business and all, then a couple of months go by and someone builds a church right next door, would that potentially be a problem if they decided to try to kick you out for some reason? Like just being bad business neighbors and playing ordinance games?

  5. Miller Allstar says:

    Can I do the application 3months from my 25th birthday or I would have to do it the day of my birthday?

    And can my grow house be on a residential property like my back yard?

  6. Redbeards Garden says:

    I can't seem to get a straight answer on zoning requirements. Any advise?

  7. vajleexi says:

    I heard that to also qualify your land property must be 10 acres or more for a growing license. Do you know if that's true?

  8. Toua Lee says:

    Can you elaborate on fencing. What kind of fencing is required and do you have to fence your whole property? Also is there anyway a person that is not a resident of OK get around the two year residency regulation?

  9. Jose Medina says:

    You have to be 25? Woooooow

  10. GuyTalk 806 says:

    So u can have 8 ounce at home … so will the dispensary let you buy that much

  11. Peggy Steel says:

    If I'm a texas resident and can only legally have 25% of the company how can I control the company? My money is what's building this company, my step son who is an Oklahoma resident would have the other 75% .. how do I reassure myself?

  12. Ashley says:

    You cant grow, process or distribute inside your home. But if you build a facility or building on your property separate from your home to run a grow op is that ok? Say you own 1 acre and it would be in your backyard.

  13. Un Known says:

    I figured I'd comment and ask.

    I heard that in Oklahoma in order to grow and sell up to six plants one only is required to need the Medical Marijuana Card and nothing else Until the project went bigger than six plants. So all I need to legally grow and sell no more than six plants is a MMC. Is this true?

    I can't find an answer anywhere bc my question is too long to search specifically. I want my life to revolve around the medical properties and benefits of marijuana and I am trying to take a first step. I have 3k to work with.
    Thank you!

    So to the best of my knowledge what I am understanding is that with a MMC one can grow no more than six plants, but if two plants exceed the legal amount to have then I'd be screwed into having to pay the fees to get a Commercial License? How does that make sense? I can grow it but once it's grown I could get in trouble? Please correct me.

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  14. 100% octane says:

    What if i have a structure not attached to my house there is no sleeping quarters so would that be a viable spot to set up a grow area

  15. Kao Thao says:

    Hi Isaiah, if I purchase a home with say 50 acres of land, can I run a grow op on my land?? Not sure if I heard you correctly on here but you said something about if there is sleeping area you cannot build a growing operation outside.

  16. Scott Harrington says:

    How do I find out if my location as in the physical address can or would be approved before submitting my application

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