How To Survive On A Bike Courier’s Salary — And Still Buy Weed (HBO)

VICE News profiles Americans working in jobs today that reflect that landscape of our current economy. This episode follows Sean, the on-demand Postmate, as he takes on his work day by bike in New York City.

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44 thoughts on “How To Survive On A Bike Courier’s Salary — And Still Buy Weed (HBO)”

  1. Kariuki Ke says:

    lol so much nitpicking in the comments

  2. Neezy Ko says:

    "I don't have health insurance and am worried about getting hit by a car" , but the guy doesn't even wear a freaking helmet. That's like the cheapest insurance you can buy.

  3. A Fucking Leaf says:


  4. Adam Hearn says:

    This is fucking sad. Buy a helmet man, it's cheaper than health insurance.

  5. tfizzle56 says:

    Nigga got 5 roommates idk if his half 600 or the total rent is 600 but in nyc rent is 1000-2000

  6. Cornelius Maximilianus says:

    Loser is always a loser

  7. John Wollesen says:

    Vice prolly owns postmates and needs some more warm bodies

  8. Im Deki says:

    This guy is not a real courier, can we make that clear?

  9. kobenoyashi says:

    2:56 this is not a good thing

  10. jared draicchio says:

    Headphones and no helmet lol ok

  11. Matt Newman says:

    1:19, bro that's not how locks work.

  12. Zibaharo says:

    get a helmet

  13. Garret Holbrook says:

    Lift your seat up dude! Wheres your helmet? This feels eerily like a commercial for postmates. Most of the time these vice videos are alright. I had a hard time watching this.

  14. jackchickenwing says:

    1:18 didnt lock his bike

  15. Seize the Memes of Production says:

    so…get another job, got it.

  16. TheLegend 27 says:

    Vice is shit

  17. AnAkii says:

    vice have lost there way..

  18. vybeschoo says:

    Am I the only one appalled by his foot position on the pedals. My god. Get some foot retention or some clips if you bike this much dude. Otherwise you're gonna have some serious issues… also… just do a bike fit bro… and bike shop will do a rough one for you i'm sure.

  19. Afghan says:

    I really admire guys like this dude. He thought out of the box and does what he needs to do in order to lead a decent life. God knows it's fucking hard for a young person on the job market right now. I have two masters degrees and speak four languages, and it took me almost ten fucking months to find a job that I liked.

  20. nexus prime says:

    Click bait title

  21. arrow fall says:

    Maybe give up smoking you might able to save more money

  22. TheCaptain008 says:

    I really hope that pizza crunch wasn't audio post editing. Shit looked so good and my man deserves better.

  23. Vaidotas Ratkus says:

    They will not have families with that salary. For good.

  24. FilthyWayz says:

    This dude probably lives in bushwick

  25. Dman says:

    OH God u people pathetic with all your smartass remarks bout this dude and sh°t

  26. Joseph Lozano says:

    The only cities that need this service are way too expensive to live.

  27. Max Althemyst says:

    3:05 high pressure tires keeping on lowest possible, almost flat condition. NEWBIE courier with hipsta tattoo. Vice, this is lame.

  28. L.A. Childhood says:

    tattoos of long phrases are embarrassingly dumb.

  29. Matt Kav says:

    This is a reasonable, (but ultimately fairly pointless) video about a guy who seems totally harmless and likes to deliver food and smoke weed. Look at all the comments from weirdos projecting their own issues onto it. Relax, people.

  30. EnglertRacing96 says:

    … most likely the product of a single mother.
    meaning he has absolutely no man skills.

  31. Ian Stone says:

    Raise your saddle!

  32. Carter Larosa says:

    Become a capitalist slave drone or face starvation. Sign up today!

  33. Calum Neill says:

    Why not get an actual bike messenger?

  34. Wander Wherever Wonder says:

    Buy weed? I Think he should grow it, get a bicycle trailer and take them with you. That way they get the most sunlight and fresh air and don't use up space in your apartment.

  35. greg shahanahan says:

    bon voyage chicken legs

  36. Red-Blooded America says:

    Who needs to be responsible by buying your own insurance when you can eat out and smoke weed all day?

  37. Deplorable Citizen says:

    I've never heard someone overuse the word "like" as much as this.

  38. Sound Speed! says:

    Ridiculous report, this guy can't even fit a bike half right to himself. He is no bike messenger.

  39. dlz124 says:

    Why is my pee pee so hard !!!!!

  40. Jared Blinzler says:

    Where's this dude at and only paying 600 for rent?

  41. llollercoaster says:

    How To Survive On A Bike Courier's Salary — And Still Buy Weed

    apparently the answer is to write for vice on the side

  42. John Smith says:

    Wow… This is so shitty
    I guess that's the difference between messengers and postmates

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