How To Take DABS (for beginners)

Step by step tutorial on dabbing , explaining everything you need to know …. Dabs are like shots – Weed is like beer …. so dab with caution ahaahahah (intended for the 18 & over)

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When I first started dabbing I hated it…it was too complicated, too dangerous looking and honestly looked like crack head stuff…. so I didn’t dab ….. then I realized how awesome it is and I haven’t stopped since ahahahaha!!!

This is How To Take DABS (for beginners)

This video will answer every question there is when it comes to dabbing … step by step on everything you need to know …. I totally understand why people say it look scary … the torch can be intimidating but this video will help you !


To everyone out there that does dab…drop a comment on some other tips that may help people …. also if you are new to dabbing be sure to follow these steps directly , be safe , and have fun 🙂

Thank you to for filming.

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20 thoughts on “How To Take DABS (for beginners)”

  1. Allergic To Lysol Devan says:

    Yola: I wash it down with 99% rubbing alcohol after I take a hit.

    Kyle: Aggressively swishing rubbing alcohol in his mouth after a fat glob*

  2. kizernic says:

    Where did you get the dab station? Or the green thing with the timer?

  3. booitsbella says:

    Dude why is this guy so wholesome and nice lmao I love weed YouTube

  4. JEIKO says:

    Can’t hardly get hash in the land of the tea and crumpets

  5. Abram says:

    Damn to clean my banger after a dab I torch it it makes it turn like opaque only reason I don’t use qtips and alcohol is cause the stores around me are all out cause of the pandemic

  6. Christopher Kramer says:

    HAHA. So I admit, At first you looked like the biggest tool. Then the video actually started. Great video brother! Kids dont be so judgmental like my lame ass. Thanks again, totally new to this and you are a huge help. subed for sure brother!!!!

    for people that use paper clips or any rings and shit. Please think about this. Metal getting hot red exposed to oxygen. its the cheap grade metal that is what you need to watch out for.

    Just a little metallurgy.

  7. iits Prime says:

    anyone know the piece???

  8. Austin Shah says:

    I have a shitty banger, a lot of the oil comes down the stem during the dab because I take them quite hot, is this because it’s too hot? How do I prevent the reclaim from building

  9. jorge perez says:

    Do you add the pearl after you heat it up or before?

  10. lt_juice says:

    The torch is too much for me

  11. 1/6 McKenny says:

    where do you get the spinner from ??

  12. Rafael Tellez says:

    Great vid man

  13. SovietLemonDrops says:

    Yes this video really calms me down when I’m high

  14. taytay renee says:

    8:55 that's what she said

  15. Will C says:

    Loved this video! Thanks so much for explaining all the steps! Dabbing for the first time today!

  16. Gael Gregory says:

    4:59 that's a great business motto.

  17. Celtics says:

    Holy shit I can’t believe I never seen this video and I swore I’ve watched every multiple times wtf

  18. Andres Abuali says:

    Bro where you get that green Silicone looking holder with the clock on it at?

  19. CLOWNonTHErun says:

    Damn I’m out of lungs…

  20. Dope As Yola says:

    peep my second youtube channel 🙂

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