Today we combined the Top Puff device with TWO bottles to create the homemade ash catcher !! Have you ever put together something like this before if so let me know in the comments your wildest contraption !!

The Jet Pack Bong Video –

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22 thoughts on “I MADE A HOMEMADE ASH CATCHER !!!!”

  1. Jack Films says:

    First here

  2. Cooked Aussie says:

    Mad as bro !

  3. The Great Canadian says:

    I have the munchies

  4. Monarch Garden says:

    Yeahhhhhhhh alrightttttttttttt nice very nice great video my friend


    Fuck yea the home made double chamber

  6. James Delaney says:

    Fresh outfit g

  7. 420 Dogs says:

    Thats bad ass, i like that man!!! Huh!!! Never thought of that, 2515 for the win

  8. Black Jesus says:

    is it just me or is that AK-47 strain just shit?

  9. Suicide to Recovery says:

    Cheers Yae One. I am not feeling too well. I ripped that feeding tube out on July 29th, and my throat is still torn up. As for my dog Lucy, she has total heart failure, and is filling up with fluid. I am giving her CBD, and Flaxseed oil, and spoiling her. I am also taking lots of pictures, and videos.

  10. Roach Dog Jr. says:

    Ash gotta catch em all

  11. Aston and Travis Adventures Potae says:


  12. Canadian Poor mans gro says:

    Wow that’s cool

  13. Clanden says:


  14. Alex betts 387 says:

    You fooking legend

  15. i grewsome says:

    great build! cheers

  16. M.A.D.PandaGaming says:

    At first, I was like "water level is too low. An ash catcher requires percolation. That's gonna be a dry hit". Then he hits it and it perc'd. Good on ya! These are getting informative. A LOT of people can't afford collections like yours or mine (the glass pieces, I mean). Showing people they can make functioning pieces out of things they'd usually throw in the bin(effectively making them free) is dope.

  17. 420 bluetongue Medication says:

    Fuck yeah yae one it’s a home made double chamber I love making them out of gaderade bottles as they have a nice thick plastic and they don’t scrunch up, cheers brother I usually make the second stem diagonally from the top of the second chamber into the first chambers water to double filter… very smooth rip it up bro rock on I made these back in my teen years

  18. Cali Grown420 says:

    Big respect to you my brother thanks again for the love in your stream

  19. FONER1 says:

    fuckin oath yae love the vids

  20. Bonny Vlogs says:

    Goob jod

  21. Angel Studios GSG Gaming says:

    You did it again bro you did it again you did it again that's what's up let's see what we could do next God bless

  22. Bruce says:

    bigger the bottle more weed needing to be lit to get alot of smoke in them

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