Ja Rule Knows His Kids Smoke Weed | Growing Up Hip Hop: New York

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Brittney and Ja talk getting past Fyre Festival, smoking week and Ja’s parenting style. Watch GUHH:NY Thursdays at 9/8C!


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The children of notorious hip hop icons Ja Rule, Fat Joe, Irv Gotti, Rev Run, Flavor Flav, Charli Baltimore, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, and Kid Capri take over the Big Apple where the hustle never sleeps. Love triangles, abandonment, polygamy, pregnancies, DNA tests and multiple arrests will test their determination to succeed.

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30 thoughts on “Ja Rule Knows His Kids Smoke Weed | Growing Up Hip Hop: New York”

  1. PoYo LoKo says:

    Ja rule a pretty good dad man. Point for ja, 0 for 50cent

  2. john altmayer says:

    Your father is a joke

  3. A1 Conservative says:

    Damn your kid is just as ugly as you. You'll always be 50's little bitch. He ruined you lol.

  4. OVERCOME72 says:

    Jas dirty ass kids

  5. 12krinson says:

    The first comment i see is about 50 cent… What the fuck 50 gotta do with ja kids smoking weed?

  6. Bronx New York says:

    This nigga is a walking “L” collector..

  7. The Grand Historian says:

    Post the whole show before I download it off tpb

  8. senya comen says:

    Jiminy cricket- ja rule
    Looking like lil scrappy stepdad
    In the thumbnail
    Really jimmy

  9. john doe says:

    Ja looks like he still waiting to see if he’s tall enough to ride the ferris wheel

  10. Raymondtacular Forever says:

    I like real shows like this that show the good example of being a black father in America…This is the same image I was taught coming up and the same image I live in my everyday life and on youtube the old fashion way will always prevail over this new millennium nonsense that will always lead to destruction.

  11. noel herns says:

    U know why ja is pussy he let another man kill his motivation 50 cremated his body

  12. Celtic Jay says:

    Am a washed up scrub babe

  13. nae boogie says:

    I love ja rule as a dad and I think it’s so true like ya kids finna go do it anyway sooo like I rather know wtf they doing and not hide it ! Like yessss

  14. aye bro's says:

    Ja rule look like Good family man hope things work with 50 tho and will Smith cause his kids are gay

  15. Eugene Dawson says:

    My daughter and i, will be even tighter than this. We already are. And she's pushing 5.

  16. Junder R says:

    Parents too often teach children with shame and guilt of not meeting their expectations and standards, like they are slave masters and kids are their slaves. Kids need room to break all your expectations because that’s how reach your god given potential. Versus being a carbon copy of your fucked up parents.

  17. It's Me says:

    That Nose Ring is a no no with that Face

  18. June Bug6510 says:

    He’s a good dad

  19. oldsoul says:

    Am I tweaking? I swear she was darker on Run’s House

  20. Loski says:

    I’m 18 it’s medicine to me I don’t take a single pill and feel great!! Helps anxiety helps me sleep! For me it helps

  21. JJ says:

    grow your own with top genetics, like in house, mephisto and more at http://www.yarbroughfarms.org

  22. Sean Nguyen says:

    "It wasn't fraud, it was false advertisement"

  23. Shimon Brantley says:

    Ride are die daughter.

  24. Miranda Allen says:

    I like it like that cuz I let my son smoke weed he 17 in the 12th grade

  25. Moe Moe says:

    50 cents kids run from him not to him

  26. Legal Alien says:

    My mom never had a problem with us smoking weed or drinking as long as we didn't implicate no one in it. We could smoke as long as we didn't do it in the house. she told me i'd rather have you be honest with me than doing things behind my back.

  27. Trance says:

    Ja Rule is like the Martin Lawrence of Gangsta-Rap but is known as a Bitch Ass Nigga by 50 Cent

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