Jamaican High Grade Weed [Javaughn Hinds Comedy]

What’s up guys it’s yuh boy javaughn and am back with another video title “Jamaican High Grade Weed” drop a like and subscribe if your new to my channel and click the bell to get notified when ever i upload a new video on my channel also comment below and let us know your reaction on the video.
Shout out to “kai plummer” he’s my director and manager if it wasn’t for him and all my fans i wouldn’t be where am at right now thanks to you all for supporting me until now. enjoy!!! they video stay tuned for more. (THANKS FOR WATCHING)
shout out to “kai plummer” he’s my director and manager.
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2 thoughts on “Jamaican High Grade Weed [Javaughn Hinds Comedy]”

  1. Anonymous Comedy says:

    It hawt man

  2. Anonymous Comedy says:

    punkin belly a CC you zeen

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