34 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Getting Way Too High From Weed!!”

  1. metalBoy129 says:

    Did they talk about dry herb vaporizor or something else? I was doing a vaporizor sesh then got all paranoid cuz they were talking about seizures lol

  2. Thrifty646 says:

    Never had that happen to me with a pen

  3. Bradley S says:

    I'm sorry, but inhaling high temperatures or smoke in any form is not good for you. If you want your lungs to be kicking on post-60, vape.

  4. UptonEmpire says:

    I was the 420th like. Fuck yeah.

  5. warbear55122 says:

    Joe "I prefer smoking joints" Rogan

  6. StatiC Xtract says:

    Joe "I was 30" Rogan

  7. Zerrisen says:

    This went from, smoking stories, to an advertisement real quick lmao

  8. Thunder says:

    1:16 speak for yourself tf

  9. Max K says:

    Yoooooooo they smoking pesticides

  10. Anthony James says:

    Why do people think it's scary to get super high. I just let it ride lol. That's the only way to hey high for me. When time stops existing lol

  11. Anonymous Finn says:

    I feel good when I'm high, but then I'm super anxious for a week or so afterwards. Anyone else has the same problem? I think I'm done with weed.

  12. Aerd Wolram says:

    God 8:00 is so fucking true.

  13. Szymon Podlesny says:

    I used to smoke loads of weed back in the Day but I stoopped for a couple months and I took a puff of my friends joint recently and I got high asf I keep getting anxiety and questioning every thing and worrying bout shit when im high

  14. the duck says:

    You gotta be careful with the pens correct me if I'm wrong but I've heard some stuff about there being K2 in fake ones which has the tendency to make people have seizures.

  15. lllCloWnBabylll says:

    Somebody selling this guy and his friend fake carts

  16. lllCloWnBabylll says:

    Joe “Blunt’s this is the latest thing” Rogan

  17. Mr. Eighty says:

    I don’t smoke regularly but last time I got high we were driving to the park at one point I said “where the hell are we?!” Turns out I was just a 3 minute drive from my house.

  18. Yodasmydragon ! says:

    Hemp wick joe!!! Awesome shit, can find in most headshops

  19. Carl _ says:

    I still don't know if oral means up ass or in the mouth

  20. Marthur Aorgan says:

    clickbait title douchebag

  21. Chico Lucas says:

    Is it different for older people because I took 600 mg edible and I was fine not even trippin

  22. Alien Ape says:

    The first time I ever got high, my cousin and I got some from my dad's stash, he was selling it at the time had a couple of pounds so wasn't going to miss a handful. Took enough just roll a joint rolled up went down to a bridge out in front of my house and my cousin didn't want smoke there cuz he was afraid someone would come on the bridge and be able to smell it so we walked up the creek by half a mile to where no one could see us and then he didn't want to smoke because he was worried he would get too high and round or something. So I smoked a whole joint by myself and sit there and just had a good time until it started getting dark and I had to walk through a field with weeds as high as my head while hearing dogs barking being convinced that the police were coming to get me.

    I really didn't smoke again after that for a while, until I was in high school and a friend of mine had some really strong smelling weed, and I trade it off and necklace for a nugget of it. I Got a pipe off of guy I knew and walked out into the woods behind my grandmother's house in the middle of January took one hit and everything started moving in slow motion. I headed back toward the house when I realized that I was still blowing smoke out and stood behind the house about 15 minutes trying to blow all the smoke out of my lungs. It was really bad cuz it was so cold, it was snowing it was cold enough that you could see your breath. I had been seeing my breath for about 30 minutes and trying to blow all the Smoke Out. But I didn't die so way to go me

  23. Vigilant Slacker says:

    First time I got high was half an edible with this dude at a sleepover junior year of high school. I tripped for like an hour or two, I remember getting annoyed and going to bed. Now that I think back on it I do think it was laced because I was seeing some faces and shit in the wall

  24. Milli Macro says:

    I had a hit from a cigarette when I was 10. Then I smoked weed at 17, I didn’t get high the first time but the second time I was destroyed

  25. Tyler Damon says:

    Joe “just using this format for free likes” Rogan

  26. korz' _ says:

    What does weed do to u

  27. Yash Dhar Diwan says:

    joe '25-50 mg' rogan

  28. Phantom Drags says:

    I started at 19. I tried it once in 9th Grade. Didn't really work on me. Glad I tried it again.

  29. Greened Goat says:

    Weed fully stopped my epilepsy I don't have sesures however you spell that

  30. EZY Music says:

    Not paranoid at 16!!!??? Boy first time Trying Weed i was so paranoid i would not even use the Word ”PARANOID”

  31. Spiritedaway says:

    Oil is strong than regular flower. Thc oil is more potent that shit will give a pyschedalic experience.lol

  32. Daniel Petri says:

    Did he tell us he poot the CBD up his ass then gave him his cbd

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