Joe Rogan – Is Weed a Gateway Drug | JRE Pot Debate

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1246 Pot Debate:

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21 thoughts on “Joe Rogan – Is Weed a Gateway Drug | JRE Pot Debate”

  1. Bob Aram says:

    Love the channel

    It’s illegal to use a legal name…
    Shout outs!

  2. T West says:

    Alcohol is the gateway drug of choice for cops as it enhances the celebration of the thrill of the kill!

  3. 22 Veterans A Day says:

    So alcohol is a gateway drug

  4. PepsehZ says:

    What I hear and see, it's really fucking hard to actually keep talking about cannabis when they talk about something that is a "gateway" to something, they constantly just drift away to way bigger issues inside the society itself, where this talk should be heading in the first place.

  5. big eddy machete says:

    Weed is different for certain people because there's people who have legitimate addictions and will go find some stronger drug

  6. SiR_4:20SmOkEs/AlOt says:

    cannabis is not a gateway drug people are there on gateways simple as that some people start off with meth or heroin not all start with marijauna its annoying to here these claims that it's a gateway drug its annoying and wrong cannabis is a natural healthy substance in many many ways stop relating it to poison do you relate lettuce to bleach that's the equivalent of relating cannabis to meth or coke or heroin.

  7. J Dogg says:

    Yeah marijuana is also a gateway drug because you can’t get or stay clean for sometimes up to weeks after using. Where as a guy can pump lines of coke on a Friday and be clean by a random drug test the next Monday or Tuesday. Maybe policy makes it a gateway drug itself you fucking jackass

  8. Tanner White says:

    Fuck that dude sitting there telling a medical doctor what is and isn’t really medicine. He’s literally telling you how he has firsthand knowledge of how cannabis has helped his patients while this smug cunt rambles on with his stupid ass unscientific opinions. Legalize the shit already, dumbasses believing ignorant bullshit from the 50s is why people in 2019 still get thrown in a cage because they like to consume a plant.

  9. Kevin Brady says:

    What is this Guy even fighting and pushing back on here? Doesn’t want it illegal, or legal, or just wants us to look at it differently? There’s gotta fuckin be somethin else this dude can be doin besides this.

  10. Rich Jenkins says:

    I had the gay ass name drops lmao.

  11. colin porter says:

    Weed is not a gateway drug. But the fact that weed is/was illegal meant that to get some you need to buy off of criminals who are out to make money and who will push harder drugs on you to make more profit. It is the illegality of weed that is the real crime. And it is the war on drugs that is the real gateway.

  12. TOM THUMB says:

    Is he high or is he nervous?

  13. Chris Pratt says:

    People need to understand the difference between a correlation and a causation. Are people who smoke weed more likely to do other drugs? Maybe, maybe not. Either way it doesn't prove anything about weed. This "gateway drug" argument is the exact same thing I hear people saying about violent video games and shootings. Both arguments are pretty poorly substantiated in my opinion.

  14. Pillager Khan says:

    I'm 29 seconds into this video, and this dude has blinked more than a cokehead.

  15. Andrew Achal says:

    Weed is a gateway drug

  16. The Nostradamous says:

    Fuck this guy and fuck his book. Im a prime example of why its not a gateway drug, almost everyone I know around my age have done or regularly do cocaine even those that have never smoked weed, why? Alcohol. Ive never done anything other than weed and never will, its just a bullshit argument made by people who have no experience with it.

  17. K P says:

    There are only two kinds of people that oppose the legalization of cannabis the ones that are ignorant on the subject and the ones that make money off of it being illegal.

  18. K P says:

    Yea really, Purdue pharmaceuticals have their home in North Carolina and no wonder we don't even have a medical cannabis program here
    Our politicians are owned by them. Those bastards are going to rot in Hell.

  19. CholesterolCloyster says:

    No. It's not a gateway drug. That is a myth.

    1. The government themselves admit it. On, it states marijuana does enhance the feelings you get from harder drugs which gives the illusion that it is a gateway drug, but the majority of people who use marijuana do not move on to harder drugs.

    2. The whole idea in itself was propaganda made up in the 30's by Harry J. Anslinger who wanted to make money off of arresting people that couldn't pay a marijuana tax, as well as for fighting it and locking people up for it.

    3. I have been using marijuana for the last 6 years, and even had a friend offer cocaine to me before. Know what I told him? "No thanks. I'm fine with friends who do it, but leave me out of it."

    I understand the guy in the grey jacket wants it legal still, but his attitude about the kids vaping nicotine and THC is just a scare tactic that could be used to throw us back into a reefer madness era again since that's how it started. Look, I care about the kids too and don't want them doing either, but kids will always do it no matter what you do. And you can't jeopardize the liberty of responsible adults just because kids will abuse it like they always have. Just tell people the whole truth about marijuana both the pros and cons, and let them decide for themselves what to do with that information.

  20. Gabe Rivera says:

    Weed is only a gate way drug for idiots that smoked weed and realized hey it's not what the ppl make it out to be hey maybe crack or meth would be the same…I've smoked weed for years now and I've never even considered doing it anything else and 85% or better of pot heads I know don't do any other drugs

  21. Jake Brody says:

    Alcohol opened he door to weed weed opened the door to adderall that opened the door to coke that opened the door to mushrooms I still need to try acid and that will be the end for me

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