Juicy Jay's Absinth Review!!

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What is up all you stoners out there?!?! I’m here today to show you my second review of Juicy Jay’s, this time the flavor is Absinth! Will these papers blow me away or will they fall to the wayside like last time? Let’s find out!

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6 thoughts on “Juicy Jay's Absinth Review!!”

  1. Breanna West says:

    All I smoke is juice j and I never get runs

  2. Brian Leach says:

    The best are Grape and peach you can taste both. The strawberry jucie Jay do not taste like anything. I also like the super fine Jucie Jays. I also like Skunk brand papers, I have had the Strawberry and blackberry. Both taste great and you can taste the flavor though the entire joint. On the onther hand the down side is because the skunk brand are so super fine, they are best smoke in doors or away from strong wind.

  3. Ron Taylor says:

    Been smoking juicy jays for 20years… I think i smoked dam near all but those and bacon

  4. Emmett Battle says:

    i just like juicy jays for the novelty of the prints lol the flavor is never anything to count on. i like blueberry and cherry, but my favorite is the candy cane ones. the candy cane get that lip taste more than a lot of the other ones.

  5. J S says:

    I can never taste flavoured papers….maybe one draw

  6. Jon Snow says:

    its running because you dont roll your joints tight enuff, if there is even the smallest amount of air between the weed and the paper it c auses it to "Canoe" of course once it starts it is hard to fix. :/ . it has nothing to do with the paper itself. but nice review. i will avoid this flavor. 🙂

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