KHALIFA COOKIE 🔥 • Wiz Khalifa Strain Review • 420 Dank

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KHALIFA COOKIE 🔥 • Wiz Khalifa Strain • 420 Dank

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4 thoughts on “KHALIFA COOKIE 🔥 • Wiz Khalifa Strain Review • 420 Dank”

  1. OG Mackmizzle323 says:

    Have u had KK? And did wiz drop cookies? The only place real khalifa kush is at Reef in Vegas not even Cali got it. That bud right there is frosty ass fuck! Lookin fire for 25 should be 35+ for sure

  2. OTF AJ says:

    You fuck with drego and Beno? They next out the d

  3. OTF AJ says:

    That’s some kill

  4. Josh Bryant says:

    Is the 420 dank still on 8 mile? If so where at? I know the one on gratiot

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