Kind Festival Recap by The Tyson Ranch | Cannabis Capitol

Recap of the Kind Festival presented by The Tyson Ranch. @miketyson and @tysonranchofficial had their first music festival @kindfestival this past weekend! What an experience! Mike Tyson announced his next festival will be in October. See you there!


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6 thoughts on “Kind Festival Recap by The Tyson Ranch | Cannabis Capitol”

  1. Brichanise Terrell says:

    This is so cool
    When is the next one and where is this?

  2. Andre Turner says:

    I was there I was so high!!! I can't wait to go back in October when it's finished!!!

  3. Based Capricorn says:

    Arriving on the bus I reall thought it was going to be a fyre festival 2. But was surprised about how well done the whole festival was. Definitely going back in October

  4. Jerry R. says:


  5. Kevin Wheatley says:

    Tyson bro come on man that shit ain't good bro

  6. Freddie Lancon says:

    How do I get tickets for the festival in October….????

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