I do not condone any illegal or dangerous acts. this video is for documentation, entertainment and artistic expression. Dont try this at home.

Blown the fuck away.. thanks mate !!
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28 thoughts on “LA BEAST SENT ME A PERSONAL VIDEO !!!”


    That is awesome you got the LA beast to subscribe to your Channel the LA beast rules

  2. skoopity woop says:

    Told you that you will gain traction man keep it up

  3. John Doeski says:

    Good stuff Yae! Real content recognizes real. LA Beast is on the same savage level as you.

  4. James Houck says:

    Yae One will be famous and rich I know it man just got that feeling.

  5. MrGziss says:

    What a treat..!
    Happy for you buddy..

  6. Morpheus says:

    Yae you are a legend!!!!

  7. Wombat says:

    Fuck yea cunt

  8. Gibbsy Goodness says:

    now this is fucking epic.

  9. likusone says:

    so nice much <3 and fat milky clouds

  10. Random misfit says:

    4220 subs right now!!!

  11. Andy Whatever says:

    Have a good day

  12. MrCraiggyT says:

    Cheers bro , you deserve the recognition! ✌

  13. KatieG says:

    YAE!! YAY!!! This is cool AF bro! Happy for you.

  14. sharp shooter says:

    Lol what a message

  15. Just Another Idiot says:

    Who's here from the livestream? (Also cool video my dude)

  16. psychedelic journey says:

    Fucking nice bro! Probably got alot of people watching you that you'd never have expected!

  17. S W says:

    dang big ol shout out for Yae!!!! Soooooo sick! So proud of my handsome boy lol

  18. 3rd Eye Funk Nation says:

    Cheers!!! & congrats…

  19. Michael Honsinger says:

    Great video !!!

  20. Michael Honsinger says:

    Partying and celebrating st pattys day ALREADY

  21. StevesOfficial FanPage says:

    Nice work Yae One. La beast is a cool cat. That is how you #fullsend !!!!!!!

  22. chad boom says:

    Damn I love listening to this

  23. Sherry and Ricky Vlogs says:

    I'm stopping by to show some love, I'm new here so let's stay connected, love your channel

  24. Bark Knives says:

    l.a. beast
    have been watching your videos for ever thank you for this video
    Yae one

  25. Grant Duckworth says:

    LA Beast is an absolute legend. Thanks for sharing!

  26. skippy62able says:

    Have a good day

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