“Lift Innovations Grinder” – (Product Review)


So the guys over at Lift Innovations sent me over one of their fully completed grinders for me to review!! I’ve been using the prototype for over a year now, so i’m more than stoked to finally get the finished product in my hands!!

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48 thoughts on ““Lift Innovations Grinder” – (Product Review)”

  1. destrik says:

    someone who has this can you also tell me if your kief screen feels kind of different opposed to the metal sift screen? my sift screen takes basically a full quarter turn, where as my kief screen takes like a quarter of a quarter turn and it seems tight, just wondering if this is normal?

  2. destrik says:

    someone who has this can you also tell me if your kief screen feels kind of different opposed to the metal sift screen? my sift screen takes basically a full quarter turn, where as my kief screen takes like a quarter of a quarter turn and it seems tight, just wondering if this is normal? it looks like it hits the threads and it immeadiately tight for whatever reason, but the metal sift screen takes a full quarter turn and feels smooth

  3. Justin says:

    I'd rather buy 100$ of weed than a grinder that "slices" my weed instead of one that just breaks the weed. If it gets me higher, maybe. But the weed is the same lmao

  4. Martha Holt says:

    I like your haircut. I'm high as fuck now too

  5. Corey Cummins says:

    Josh! How come you won't do a video with JJ from uptown grow labs? I think it'd be a nice video and experience for both of you. Keep medicating buddy

  6. Argo Nunya says:

    Thanks for the updated review. Buy once cry once.

  7. Sam Kash says:

    channels getting stagnant Josh. do that creative break thing YouTubers do

  8. bryan hartline says:

    Can someone explain to me what clone strains are and why they aren't as good?

  9. Oliver H. says:

    too damn expensive!

  10. Isotonic Entertainment says:

    hey man, I am new to the channel and love your stuff, and I would like to, if I may, suggest you do some giveaways because from what I can see you have been sent wayyyyy more than you could ever need yourself and I bet among your almost 400,000 subscribers there are plenty of people like me who could use all the help they can get getting their "strain central lifestyle" goin. But hey, just a suggestion, I can't tell u what to do with ur stuff, just some dude in the comments. Have a nice day regardless.

  11. HighlyMedicated says:

    I watch you when I need a positive role model. You even make bad news sound positive.

  12. IDroppedMySon says:

    Damn wish I could buy this $100 grinder

  13. Biggs 710 says:

    whats up with the new vids

  14. Darren Cooks says:

    where the HELL are the new vids josh? peace.

  15. Josh Rendon says:

    Do you still play on Xbox One?

  16. arcangel1994 says:

    Hey Josh (or whoever can answer me), I have a quick question. Can someone start a weedtube channel even if weed is not legal in their state?

  17. Sky's The Limit says:

    Hey Josh can you do a video on having panick attacks while high ? Every time I get high I get extreme anxiety and in result my heart starts to race, I get shortness of breath, my chest tightens and my face becomes pale. I just basically get worried I'm going to have a heart attack. Can you please help 🙂 I just wanna smoke without worrying anymore

  18. Ian Day says:

    you should do one how to smoke cannabis without a lighter

  19. robert melton says:

    ive always found it easier to hit bongs if im not thinking about it like ill just start pulling air until its clear when i fill my bowl for a giant hit

  20. James Holland says:

    whoop. fresh

  21. PLHTV PLHTV says:

    What do you do when the blade gets dulled?

  22. jake johansen says:

    Ive been using a plastic grinder for so long. It cost less than 2$ and it never breaks. Works great with vaporizers!

  23. Tom Loss says:

    Free sifting screen?! Heck yes I will!

  24. Adam Rust says:

    $80 I'm good. I like my $5 poke ball grinder from Amazon. It has served me well for years.

  25. Max Samu says:

    80 not a bad price look at kannastor it's same price but the concept in this grinder is more effective

  26. RedXearo says:

    Is this a repost? I swear you've done a review on this before.

  27. Sam Sayabalian says:

    I just got mine in and can 100% agree with Josh this thing shreds thru bud like butter and is really high quality definitely worth it if you smoke daily

  28. Mr Floyd says:

    Tried and tested! You are correct! No more coughing! Love you! Amazing science!

  29. Mr Floyd says:

    No coverage as it is not legal on a federal level.

  30. WILDMAN Moore says:

    found one for 25.75 on Amazon

  31. WILDMAN Moore says:

    unfortunately Amazon don't have quality marijuana

  32. Evan Molnar says:

    is the keif catcher good?

  33. D Wenz says:

    Lift innovations needs to get on shark tank!

  34. Sam says:

    what bowl is that?? you have such a nice bowl collection anyone know where I can find it?

  35. Armen V says:

    If I see a piece of hair on my dab I cough like crazy.. pretty sure it's all in my mind.

  36. enigmus001 says:

    I can't afford their price and when you give these away there's more than 1000 people that enter. I would like one but again can't afford it. Review something for the poor stoner.

  37. 13huala says:

    7:43 xD omg Josh lmao

  38. drawingmaster says:

    Calm down with the hands

  39. Skyler Brown says:

    Hey man would you make a gaming video

  40. 「Akim Lai-Fang」 says:

    Lol $80 for a grinder? I'll stick to my teeth grinder and spend that $80 on weed haha

  41. R Teach says:

    I think closing your eyes probly just gives you a placebo effect. When your hitting a vaporizer you can't see how big a hit your taking, but you can sure feel it. Really like the grinder though, I will definitely be getting that soon.

  42. Leaf, Flower, Bud says:

    Thank you for the recommendation! Got my grinder and it's great!!!

  43. Tanner White says:

    eyes closed bong hit works for me

  44. Cameron Sirkow says:

    What kind of neckless are you wearing?

  45. Jordan says:

    I ordered the 3 piece grinder and they upgraded it to the 4 piece for free. Great company. And the best grinder ever. Worth ever penny

  46. Mike_Dee says:

    so hate this guy….first off he thinks he's custom grow 420…second he reminds me of achmed the dead terrorist…and third he seems like one of those kids in school who everyone thought was weird until he tried weed one day and now he just smokes it in hopes to get validation from people…quite annoying he is…just sayin

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