Lil Wayne – Flower Kush Feat. Gunplay & Rick Ross

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20 thoughts on “Lil Wayne – Flower Kush Feat. Gunplay & Rick Ross”

  1. Amazing Amy Magdalene Roser says:

    Lol well you getting like a new way of rapping..lil Wayne it's not so…symbolic and similes and metaphorical…I like it…most times your lyrics are so…metaphorical..a lot of people don't get it..because they don't have an imagination…so I really like you doing this some sort of's different than the normal lil Wayne..

  2. Amazing Amy Magdalene Roser says:

    Don't get me wrong I love you and your creativity in your lyrics but not everyone has an imagination like I do..because that is what separates you from other rappers you have really funny lyrics and I totally get them…

  3. Jesse Ray says:

    I've been hard on wayne lately… because I felt like he had lost inspiration…regardless of subject matter, this song had that "spark" back…pun intended

  4. Abubakarr Bangura says:

    World classic music

  5. Aphelele Nqeketo says:

    8ta Christian Brown ! (Salute)

  6. REALKAIN says:

    Love it how Weezy sometimes sample's his own Songs (chorus here is from Money to Blow with Drake and fakeassman)

  7. Onyei Charles says:

    Who was here before this joint hits a million

  8. Onyei Charles says:

    GunPlay spitting matured bars

  9. iam_mycall says:

    Songs lowkey old

  10. r90209 says:

    This shit old bruh

  11. Young AAmez says:

    This song's old

  12. CC WOLF says:

    this shit came out when i was in grade 3 nigga

  13. Chief Miyagi says:

    This is 2-3 years old

  14. Antonio White says:

    lmao this hella old

  15. GSXR600Z Z says:

    this song is not 2017 fyi

  16. Philipe Baudet says:

    Lil is the best always

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