Logic Album, YoungBoy NBA Shooting, Kodak Arrest, Wayne Skips Rolling Loud Set | Everyday Struggle

On the Monday May 13th, episode of #EverydayStruggle, DJ Akademiks, Nadeska and Wayno kick off the week by recapping the mayhem that happened in Miami during Rolling Loud weekend — including Lil Wayne canceling his set because of festival police, YoungBoy Never Broke Again being involved in a shooting before his performance and Kodak Black being arrested on his way to the festival by U.S. Marshals and Miami-Dade Police. The crew also shares their thoughts on Logic’s new album ‘Confessions of a Dangerous Mind,’ and Drizzy unveiling his new private jet ‘Air Drake.’

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28 thoughts on “Logic Album, YoungBoy NBA Shooting, Kodak Arrest, Wayne Skips Rolling Loud Set | Everyday Struggle”

  1. Joshua Casey says:

    Young thug wayne and kodak same place

  2. michael oliver says:

    Ak jus sucks mumble rappers dicks

  3. underwaterlady says:

    complex should replace the somali marathon runner host with a female host

  4. underwaterlady says:

    it's really hard to niggas to understand that cops or Feds will want to catch you if you commit a crime. i like how they're trying to figure out why he keeps getting arrested. maybe he keeps committing crimes. that never really even was part of your negro theories?

  5. Kevin Alleyne says:

    Drake doesn’t rap better than Logic. I’m so sick of ppl acting like Drake can spit.

  6. SLR Quan Music says:

    Let’s be clear here. The difference between J cole and Logic.
    J cole: Raps about real life situations and not his skin color but do rap about racism from time to time.

    Logic: Raps about himself and how he thinks he’s not accepted and loved by others.

    The reason why we love J cole is because he doesn’t care about his skin color. He raps about real life shit and different topics. Logic raps about the same shit every damn time pick a new damn topic to rap about.

  7. Rae7 says:

    Ack can you rap like logic no I hate ack when you acted like you know why ppl are you doing leave that damn man along let see your album who you got featured on it

  8. lilkrayziepimp says:

    So it's not right to check a person who brags about killing people because he's famous

  9. Junior Lozandier says:

    did this nigga just say logic's album was boring, i never watched this show since joe but i came back to hear their opinion on logic and i hear this garbage

  10. Manuel Santos says:

    He should being that he birthed all these wack ass artists that’s were he belongs

  11. Badass Skeptic says:

    Logic just raps word salads! he just says a bunch of shit that rhymes just like Eminem but there is no real meaning behind their shit its just a bunch of words like a story with MAD run on sentences!

  12. Badass Skeptic says:

    MF Doom better then Royce 5'9 & Black thought tho

  13. lil pimp Rockstar says:

    i'm a rockstar bitch

  14. Seti Sabino says:

    Dreads look like feeces, dirty mops look better.

  15. 60s GORDO says:

    Niggas wont pull that in rolling loud in oakland fasholy niggas will get checked

  16. christian saldivar says:

    Akk you a scrub for not taking your moms out i beat you took your THOT out though lol

  17. jimbo slice says:

    Why shouldn't a artist be checked?
    I disagree with Wayno because shit happens and even headliners get into shit that being said I am not for any harrassment of ppl of color by police not acceptable at all but everyone should be hit with the wand period

  18. Tru3tnn3r says:

    Ak You Don’t Know Shit Bout Logic.

  19. nicole201122 says:

    Besides the false shooter incident, Rolling Loud was not all that bad. It is really what you make it to be honest.

  20. Melissa Jean says:

    They didn’t even check my bag

  21. ThePhreakass says:

    Logic isn't as respected because he doesn't put enough thought into his projects anymore. His last good concept album was TITS. Everybody was trash, him flexing in BT2 and COADM is trash. YSIV was decent. Logic doesn't have anything to say anymore but wants to make music and it shows.

  22. OtG Prime says:

    If 6ix9ine wasn’t in prison and preformed at rolling loud that would’ve been another mess

  23. blackfaith2 says:

    Getting sick of these fucking ads

  24. Chris Buckner says:


  25. Ryan Torres says:

    “Lil Wayne shouldn’t be checked. I know it’s for security purposes but we taking about lil Wayne here” Wayno what the fuck are you talking about? He be saying some dumb shit.

  26. Complex says:

    Miami was eventful to say the least, with Lil Wayne cancelling, Kodak getting arrested and more. Will these negative instances affect the festival in the future? Do you think the performances overshadowed?

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