Lost | Official song | by weed

This is song by weed

Lyrics : I am really dope dope dope
I am really dope dope dope
Their is no hope hope hope
Smoking weed weed weed
Looks like a life cheat cheat cheat
Listener take a seat seat seat
Because it a dangerous beat beat beat
In the heat heat heat
And sweet sweet sweet
World world world
Dark dark dark
People bark bark bark
I pray to God
And it’s not one shot
So crazy crazy crazy
World racin racin racin
All the time
No time time
Really in web or free as spider
Or the bate what hell world it is just chillin chillin all the time
It like you searching a message in the song i am really dope dope dope
There is no hope hope hope
I am high high high
Fellin the sky sky sky

More song coming if alive till than

May be i will die while editing you never get to listen

Just crazy psychopath

Real comedy hunt 😂

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