Magic Mushrooms | Weed Relaxing Music | Instrumental Dub Coffee Shop

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Soothing Relaxation makes relaxing music, sleep music, instrumental music, spa music, yoga music, background music, beautiful music and more.

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36 thoughts on “Magic Mushrooms | Weed Relaxing Music | Instrumental Dub Coffee Shop”

  1. Dazzling Darkness says:

    veeery relaxing

  2. Redant23 says:

    Nice music i need some magic very soon.

  3. Ross Marvin says:

    I'm laying on my bedtop, a few Liberty Caps in my brain that I picked on the Kitsap Peninsula last October. Relaxing. Jeff the Dog is dozing on the floor. All is good. Thank You.

  4. tileq says:

    Please change the picture . It is simply too aggressive.
    The music however is incredible.

  5. ПОХЕР МЭН says:

    Это все грибы

  6. Angel noe Flores solorzano says:

    Tripppin hardd

  7. Jackson Carter says:

    Dude what just happened at minute 14

  8. resistance 0078 says:

    I’m very thankful for the track. It perfectly combines with psilocybin medicine.

  9. Gwyn Hanneman says:

    Like how the pictures move around!!!who cares

  10. loco antwon says:

    man bro just finished my first time dawg it was crazy but i don’t think i wouldn’t do it again but at least i expiremented! :/ to who ever does it next plz be prepared don’t od like i did stick to one i did 4 first time not worth it but and be prepared be in a comfortable spot ya know but to the people who keep doing it ! aye i expirenced it and have fun guys!!!

  11. 3rd3y3 Love3 says:

    This turned my worst trip into my best trip thank you!

  12. S A D M O Y says:

    the picture is moving?

  13. Rah Sage says:

    The mushrooms are turning into people no wait there are a lot of people on top of the mushrooms

  14. R G says:

    This is my KIND of Coffee Shop! 🙂

  15. Gabbi G says:

    i just had my first shroom trip. this mix helped me stay grounded & overall really made my first time amazing. i will forever have that “do do do do do do” riff pleasantly stuck in my head & it will never get annoying 🙂 thank you so much. this is my go to trip track now.

  16. Golden Devil says:

    I watched this last week when I was tripping. It was a great time, thanks for the video. I’m definitely saving it for the next trip.

  17. Czuowiek Konefka says:

    have a mercy. This tune is poor, and sounds amateur. You are going to waste your great time doing shrooms.

  18. Al Ashari says:

    nooo.. i want it.. so sad cz i am from malaysian.. i want it

  19. Mathew W. says:

    Do you have any similar mixes ? This one is amazing. Masterpiece !

  20. Taka Sza says:

    This is amazing <3

  21. pliit says:


  22. Leon Baratheon says:


  23. Pyschonaut says:


  24. Danilo Machado says:

    trippy and relaxing. bravoo ^^

  25. MrBenigi says:

    This is just amazing man. Im on psylocibin and the music fits perfct. Smoking on my balkone and feeling the energy of the Night

  26. Neal John Sanchez says:

    If 1D sees nothing, 2D sees lines, 3D sees shapes, 4D sees teseracts, then the 128th dimension sees compelex shapes, sounds and colors. I am floating in a white space and I see giant complex shapes eating and glitching in and out of existence and creating baby sounds and colors which are brighter, higher pitched, and simple like triangles, and the older ones have many sides and angles up to the point that they’re almost round and have deeper colors and lower tones.

  27. MIKE BONG says:

    This is the sound I been looking for

  28. Dean Rosenbauer says:

    Hello i Dont no Whot i do help me the Drip is too Hard help

  29. kyle frye says:

    any one tyhping didnt take enough

  30. Happy Gilmore says:

    Def not relaxing.

  31. tileq says:


  32. Jack 35 says:

    How r y’all niccas even typin I’m higher den mufafuckin jupiterrr

  33. SlimeyTrades SlimeyTrader says:

    Hi everyone .. my face feels nauseous

  34. Alex Watts says:

    Who here is simply stoned wishing this track could magicly turn their high into a shroom trip?

  35. zoe mah says:

    why does this sound like grimes

  36. Tera Mangala Meditation Music says:

    Adversity is like a strong wind. It tears away from us all but the things that cannot be torn, so that we see ourselves as we really are.

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