19 thoughts on “Making Cannabis Oil with Rick Simpson”

  1. MartyMonster says:

    I still haven't got round to trying this oil, and I found out about it through Rick in May 2009. The only thing I'd say I disagree with after all these years of discovery is that the ratios of THC/CBD you are using are not really natural, and not what would've been around in the 60's and 70's. 90% THC with around 3% in your oils? That's a 30:1 ratio. That's way too high. Around 7:1 is good, and will work better. Rick needs to treat CBD with more importance. A minimum of 3% CBD in the bud should be recommended, and you can still get 20% THC or more with that.

  2. Agent Ninja says:

    I’ve just discovered your videos Rick, Thank you 🙂

  3. Candy Watson says:

    does anyone know personally anyone who was cured of cancer with this. It is interesting but don't want to give loved ones false hope. Have a relative that has cancer in the blood. Also I have no idea where the plant seeds can be purchased

  4. Studio Dankster says:

    Dumb question but rice cooker, cool with lid on or off? Just cuz doesnt look like he do or just edits it out

  5. Johnny Rodriquez says:

    why not just use a hot plate??

  6. Jeremy Heffelfinger says:

    Can you use a crock pot? Wouldn't that just be the same but take much longer?

  7. XxXxDominator says:

    subbing now. dope vid. and that low key editing was nice with the image quality

  8. iLikeBikes509 says:

    I have some oil but when I went to use it, it was quite runny. Normally I have a hard time pushing it out of the syringe it is so thick but this stuff will shoot out no problem.. Is this because the person who made it did not evaporate the solvents off? and can it be fixed? and should I use it?

  9. Thordan says:

    This dude is a fucking hero

  10. parveen saini says:

    How to choose the proper plant … Indica and not sativa. In india.
    I need urgently for my father.
    Plz help me

  11. Derek Matthew Zukowski says:

    Make it all the time . Thank you Rick Simpson .

  12. A Georgina says:

    Amazing. You are amazing thank you

  13. Al Bourne says:

    Rick mentions Benzine which is what they sued to call petrol in NZ and Aus is Rick referring to petrol?

  14. Frank Galager says:

    No way thats weed

  15. Mandril says:

    is the alcohol grain level or the crap you buy at the drug store?

  16. sean sullivan says:

    He should get a medal

  17. Bernie Nicol says:

    I absolutely commend you for this video and thank you from my heart. Love you for what you have done. Far too many people rely on a pill from the dr and these pills have side effects leading to other illnesses. Cannabis was put on this planet for a reason – it has endless cures! Thank you!!

  18. Mike M1956 says:

    thank you rick i am from Canada kingston ontario,and finally can grow 49 plants i and can make your oil only for me,, i am not allowed to give what i make away i am on ontario disability i have a liver disease ,my roommate has type 2 diabietes and the weed laws suck in canada.,,,, ,,,,,,,, i am forever grateful that you gave this knowledge to me and the public to heal themselves,,,,,kudos bro

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