Mike Tyson on Lions, Tigers & Marijuana

Mike talks about his fighting days, living in Las Vegas, how he ended up owning lions and tigers, his new marijuana business Tyson Ranch Cannabis, and Planet 13 – the world’s largest cannabis store in Las Vegas.

Jimmy Kimmel Visits His Childhood Home in the Middle of the Night

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Mike Tyson on Lions, Tigers & Marijuana

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27 thoughts on “Mike Tyson on Lions, Tigers & Marijuana”

  1. TELAS PONCHO says:

    If this interview would’ve been 30 years ago, Jimmy would’ve been Knocked Out …

  2. Juan José Pérez says:

    Jimmy pls dont try to make fun of the guest at every opportunity, just relax and let mike tell his stories. This guy is a legend, he deserves full respect.

  3. teve Taga says:

    I would love to be there too while Mike and Willie smokes!

  4. Suppenteller says:

    2001 st comment

  5. KeezyWithABanger says:

    No one cant beat tyson.

  6. LiveLife LS says:

    Jimmy looks foolish not taking mike too serious about his vision and plans

  7. SNES Head says:

    Mike’s a different man these days it’s good to see him happy

  8. Daler Rustamov says:

    I hope Tyson gets rich again

  9. Jenny Long says:

    wow so he lied so to protect his cat i think that's amazing

  10. Joel Zalienhmang Hrangchal says:

    Real Champ inside and Outside The RING.

  11. Expert writer says:

    Mike Thython is a beath

  12. David KNELL says:

    Is mike Tyson the nicest guy in the world! I think he just might be! God bless that man!

  13. Ricardo Carrera says:

    This man is amazing !!!

  14. Bob Singh says:

    So many love Mike's growth and arrival at greater peace. That boxes well.
    But this keeping of big cats….our relationship with other species is full of avarice and detachment

  15. Sa yan says:

    Let the man Talk! You fake f**k

  16. Mono El Mono says:

    Does this guy normally talk to guests as if they're kids or as if they're new to the country?

  17. Barry Sheridan says:

    Mike tyson Donald Trump both champions we'll both go down as the greatest both are winners knockout artist

  18. Ashiqur Rahman says:

    Jimmy Kimmel is a moron.

  19. Maroon Fist says:

    Fantastic! Mike he just amazing! God bless you.

  20. Serah Black says:

    Still my favourite boxer

  21. A man with his word says:

    Lion bite tyson

    Is lion ok?

  22. SASA BLACK says:

    I wanna go there !!!

  23. WhenFallGuyTalks says:

    Mike Tyson!!! Mighty Mike…
    Notable thing is Kimmel's jaw is still intact

  24. Yolan Keane Ramiah says:

    He ain't high here

  25. Monchis 3333 says:

    Yes people don't pay attention to my Mike Tyson is tattoo it moves from left to right last year's on his left side this year is on his right side u can't fool me

  26. Tyler Joyner says:

    I love mike

  27. pawan kumar says:

    05:35 God

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