Missouri Medical Marijuana Caregiver Conundrums: Charging , traveling, and paperwork

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The care giver conundrum Missouri medical marijuana: howto charge; howto do your paperwork; and howto keep yourself safe when traveling with your patients marijuana. Failingto follow Missouri’s law may result in criminal liability.

The rules:

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13 thoughts on “Missouri Medical Marijuana Caregiver Conundrums: Charging , traveling, and paperwork”

  1. Nathan Kriss says:

    Thanks again for the great info Pat!

  2. Hippie Robbie says:

    Great info Pat. I've been using a journal and it is a great way to keep track of things. I really appreciate the information, so many gray areas, a guy could go to jail totally believing he was following the rules to the letter. I don't think being a caregiver is worth the risk till rules are understood by everyone. The last 30 seconds of your video convinced me to need to have a lawyer on retainer.

  3. TokenTombstone says:

    Bureaucrats and whiny little bitches are always trying to kill a man's buzz. Appreciate the info, thx.

  4. Southwestmirep Nando says:

    If you are your own caregiver (cultivating your own) no labeling needed?? A Caregivers patients cant give donations for cost to cultivate medicine?? Are you sure?

  5. RedStateRebelss says:

    Great info thanks for up dates

  6. Beemermarine says:

    Thank you for the info, learned a lot here

  7. West Honey says:

    We can resolve all of this by making recreational pot legal

  8. Rev. Donald Foster says:

    Being hearing impaired I am having trouble with the audio on this. The background noise is so high it makes it difficult at best to understand the dialog. If someone would do a transcript of this that would be helpful to many of us who have trouble hearing.

  9. KEVIN McKINLEY says:

    I don't grow, I have my meds with me in my brother's car going to his house for the day. Does everything I Carry need my name on it? Oil, flower and edibles?

  10. J Good says:

    So, There should be NP with me charging a monthly fee for the expense of the grow? That is my approach.

  11. pro se says:

    I am a caregiver in Missouri. I read some of the same stuff on Reddit and was aghast that several people suggested selling by the ounce. Listen to the attorney folks…

  12. Bob Bruns says:

    Hi Pat and thank you for all this info. Where can i obtain a caregiver contract like you talk about in this video?

  13. Dave Elias says:

    Hey Pat what do we as Mo. Medical Card Holders have to do to Bring a Class action Lawsuit against MO. for this Roll Out. You have People having to Renew Licenses Already for Zero Product or Means. Or we need to Change the Laws to Allow Out Of State Clones and or Product to be Imported to Speed up this Process. They may just be Stalling. I would rather toss you a $100.00 to file the Paperwork, then Them for Nothing and I'm Sure Many More Would As Well.

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