Issa Celebrations ! We have recently hit 1k !
The family is growing so fast this is just the beginning
Make sure you guys get lit with me Cheers 💨 !!


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20 thoughts on “MOON ROCK SMOKE SESSION !!”

  1. Alex None of your business says:

    First i love this channel

  2. Priscilla velasquez says:

    your vibe is actually fire wtf

  3. Tesa Marie says:

    great video luv!

  4. Medicated Matt says:

    absolutely love your vibe ! editing is amazing too ahaha nice vid yo! New sub here:) looking forward to seeing more from you! Hoping we can support each other as well!!

  5. Jada Shields says:

    Hey I love your channel. I also want to smoke on YouTube but I was wondering do you still get paid from ads for smoking ?

  6. KPT SPARTAN says:

    Yo. When u gonna drop the story time of your first time smoking?

  7. Daniel Vicencio says:

    You smoke like a 5 year old

  8. Tommy Cully says:

    Your cute asf and your vibe is hella chill

  9. Bugsy322 says:

    When im high and watching this wit u. I just feel u as such a spiritual person and i feel as if u knew i was gonna watch this. U knew this would make me think about u on a whole new level. As a gate of a new lifestyle opens. You feel

  10. Jake says:

    positive vibessss ✨

  11. FxK LxE says:

    ily x ur about to hit 1k in 2 months :0

  12. Kristallwolf says:

    very pretty honey you be

  13. Gibran S says:

    Damn she’s high af lol

  14. Oozy Aly_ says:

    Catching the positive energy

  15. Camden Butler says:

    i fucks wit you so much, and your positive energy really do hit

  16. Flynn TheKitten says:

    A thousand… Ya know… Little POTHEADS

  17. The ChosenOne says:

    Mfs always wanna preach after they get high

  18. MeikMargiela says:

    omg vibe is amzin, we should do a smoke sess, it would be awsome im the same as u ur incredible, CHEERS STAY HIGH , atlanta

  19. John Feagin says:

    to much cussing

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