More Weed Stories, A Comedy

Y’know, the first one did so well I thought why not, let’s tell more embarrassing stories about my friends, who knows, maybe there’ll be more? Tell me about your first time and maybe I’ll work it into a bit 😉

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The stories told may or may not be true, you decide.

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23 thoughts on “More Weed Stories, A Comedy”

  1. Kyle Deleeuw says:

    Hi weerd never thought i would like be the first one to see your vid
    Your awesome and thanks for all the funny vid
    Don't suspect you to awnser back but if you do it would mean alot


  2. Kyle Deleeuw says:

    And i follow you on tic tok

  3. JagerMain 4 says:

    That fancy water good?

  4. Crystal killer Beast says:

    Can you get a good camera please you get Moro sub

  5. FireID 1211 says:

    1:18 did you flush the toilet

  6. Vrop says:


  7. Grenev Uí Néill says:

    If the sun is so mean why don't you tell a teacher or adult

  8. Casey Northrop says:

    What chest hair I didn’t see shit

  9. Fraida The Kitty Cat says:

    Omg i love the beginning

  10. Zeek Toto says:

    0:18 complete style

  11. RM Chops says:

    More weed and drug stories

  12. Cat Claws says:

    I'm glad you have your fancy water!! YouTube doesn't like fancy water.

  13. 1000 subs with no content says:

    You look like a gay jesus

  14. Emerald Cobra says:

    Lol i guess you love your fancy water huh?

  15. Donut Bear says:

    Can’t believe I’m the first billion!! 😀

  16. Melody Karter says:

    100th like……just sayin

  17. BigBoi Supreme says:

    Weed is fahn

  18. CreateCraftDestroy says:

    Your hair makes you look like Jesus on crack cocaine.

  19. TurtleTubbies says:

    Leaves hate comments

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