Narcos In Hindi ! Review! Correction – Not Marijuana but cocaine & Narration by Murphy.

Narcos review in Hindi.

Correction not Marijuana but cocaine.

Narcos is an American crime drama web television series created and produced by Chris Brancato, Carlo Bernard, and Doug Miro.

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33 thoughts on “Narcos In Hindi ! Review! Correction – Not Marijuana but cocaine & Narration by Murphy.”

  1. Rohan Jadhav says:

    2 season hindi mai hai aur murphy ke point of view se story hai correct yourself

  2. Aamit Kesh says:

    Not Peblo it's Pablo.. And pablo escobar should be respected..

  3. Ashu says:

    bro subtitle kaise lana hai .. narcos dekhte waqt

  4. Krupesh Lotlikar says:

    Mexico vali bhi bna de

  5. bo om says:

    Which year of narcos

  6. Gautam Sinha says:

    Hey dude it was dea agent Murphy who narrated the story in s1 and s2.

  7. mohsin cleanfreak says:

    hindi dubbed…?

  8. Robin Mansal says:

    Agent murphy bolo bhai

  9. Abhishek Yadav says:

    Hlo bhai
    Please reply
    Kya ye hindi me bhi available h netflix pe

  10. Mohmmad agha says:

    thank you so much

  11. thug angel says:

    Is bande ko khud story thik se nahi pata

  12. SAJID KHAN says:

    Hindi version kha h pura

  13. Killer 007 says:

    Bhai sinaloa cartel oor gulf cartel gangway par banao na plzzz reply

  14. Anuradha sharma says:

    Worst review of narcos…….And pablo Escobar gaviria

  15. Shubham Bagale says:

    Bhai movie ka link bhejo

  16. Rohit says:

    Narcos is overrated. Only Direction and music is good. Story wise this show is wrong. No video of Haceinda Napoles. His life style. How he entered into cocaine business by buying drugs from drug dealers and smuggle it to columbia first and then US. How he started smuggling career. I suggest all of you to watch "Pablo Escobar : The drug lord" on Zee5 in hindi 74 episodes.

  17. Muhammad Abdullah says:

    Hindi dubbed kaha he Bhai plz batao ya link do koie

  18. shariq najeeb says:

    Bhai el chapo ka Hindi episode daalye

  19. shariq najeeb says:

    Bhai I requestu.
    aap ke program ke rating boht acchi hogi el chapo episode upload krye

  20. Super Soul says:

    It was narrated by Steve Murphy and not peña

  21. Sam Py says:

    Abey 9vi fail, Narration Agent Murphy ne Kiya vos na!!

  22. Sandip Singh says:

    Full hindi dubbed kese download kare bhai . Present time to 80 % Spanish mai hai. Reply fast

  23. soma bhise says:

    Link do bhi

  24. Content Adda says:

    Bhai ye series puri hindi ma nhi hai

  25. Harshit Singh says:

    Agent Murphy**

  26. Tarun Pal Singh says:

    dnt describe the whole story, it kills the excitement as well as increases video length. be short and fast

  27. Mihir Rakhonde says:

    Abe chutiye it is 3rd season about Cali Cartel…it's not marijuana it was cocaine and narration was done by Steve Murphy.. Ganja phuk ke dekhi thi kya Narcos ?


    Astaad oh marijwana ni cocaine smuggle krda c

  29. tank bapu says:

    Narcos Hindi download link plz…..

  30. Anurag Pandey says:

    Bro..Marijuana nahi..cocaine.

  31. Gautam Mehta says:

    Review kidhar he?????

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