Nation-Wide Flavor Ban – Blazz E-Liquid Review – Marijuana Questions!

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29 thoughts on “Nation-Wide Flavor Ban – Blazz E-Liquid Review – Marijuana Questions!”

  1. Loren Robertson says:

    CBD is something that my dr. suggested for me, however, I am in a pain clinic d/t chronic health – pain…and that dr. nearly had a stroke when I asked her about using it and if it would be OK. She said NO! It will show up as cannibidoids in drug testing. And Cannibidoids are illegal in TN, and would get me fired from my clinic. Also, after researching I found out that almost all CBD has trace amounts of THC. That might also show up in a drug screen if you are applying for a job, have a job like nursing where you get drug tested popped on you, or are in a pain clinic. I do think marijuana is starting to get more and more related to vaping and that it is not good for our cause. Since pot is still illegal on the federal level. So much is changing and hopefully all this crap will work out to legalizing pot and moving forward with the vaping industry. Makes me just want to scream! If people want to become patrons that is their perogative. I support a charity on Patreon and that's my business. Troll corner…omg.

  2. Leo Razbadauskas says:


  3. Npop LMBA says:

    Vaping CBD helps me with chronic shoulder pain! I have been able to get off pain med's using CBD oil and balm. I vape and, I use CBD, and I've quit smoking and, stopped taking pain medication!!!

  4. Npop LMBA says:

    I do think there is some crossover. For me it's about using more natural products as opposed to tobacco and synthetic pain medication.

  5. lukas patterson says:

    the two industries are not crossing over , they do overlap barely but will always remain separate, and I think we the vape community should be the most understanding of groups and sympathize with the cannabis community due to our similar struggle. the word VAPOR means two totally different things in each world. Yes you can make THC/CBD eliquid but neither are they preferred way to vape cannabis. Yes the naysayers will try to throw it our face in some important courtroom setting but along with tons of other fake claims and comparisons. Ruby i firmly believe you should rethink the instinct to "have a problem" with the government trying use the cannabis vaping against us because I'm sure they will so its best to accept that. The cannabis folks are even more deserving than we are as far as whether their argument is more just. They literally have all of the evidence and long term evidence that what they are fighting for is not only harmless but proven over and over to be extremely beneficial. The best way forward is to continue to welcome the cannabis community in what few times you will find yourself crossing paths with them at vape events.

  6. Ruben Gz says:

    You can do all the weed you want. You can vape and do weed if you want as well. I don't mind. I'm not touching the stuff ( unless I medically "need" it later in life.) The only thing I hate is when people say I "should smoke weed dude!" Fuck off! I ain't telling you to vaporize your weed or do nicotine. Fuck rightly off.

  7. Christian Vegan says:

    Thank you Miss Roo! love ya! 😀

  8. Wayne Stratton says:

    I think CBD in the vapor market is not ideal. Not because of how it is perceived in advocacy, but by the quality of the product. CBD distillation is a volatile thing. For instance, if using a full spectrum product there can be a certain amount of THC that will make you fail drug tests with false positives. I don't live in a legalized state. Doesn't matter if it's a false positive, by the time that happens, the damage has been done to someone's career, personal life, etc. The fact that ZERO vaping companies post any labs or source information on their CBD derivatives, there's no way to tell what you're getting.

    With a CBD company, there is a plethora of labs, etc to make you feel safe in what you're ingesting. That said, I would love to see a triple A e-liquid company come forward with a proper CBD-infused product with labs and source info.

    As far as advocacy, I don't think any of it matters anymore given the landscape of MJ being legalized and decriminalized.

  9. Vaping with James says:

    I'm so sick of our country and it's double standards! They don't want us to vape because their concerned about our health yet I live in a city (Ithaca New York) that is currently trying to open a injection site for junkies.

  10. ChawDadyDanglez says:

    is there anyway to email ruby or do we just comment and hope she sees it? any feed back would be great

  11. Burn Blister says:

    At least for the time being, because of the outside stigmatism associated with weed, I'd rather there be no association with CBD/weed and vaping. I personally don't care about it myself. We've got enough of a fight going on in being treated as a tobacco product without being labeled as a marijuana product as well.

    By the way, love your videos Ruby. I was really looking forward to meeting you at VCCT. I found solace in Duane's muscular arms! lol

  12. shiftydolphin says:

    our cops in my area (illegal state) just throw out our weed, they rarely prosecute

  13. Nathan Rehwalt says:

    Remember "Say nope to dope" in our boxes of Lemon Heads and Cheery Clan?

  14. James hotchkiss says:

    thank you for doing advocacy stuff — not enough of this is floating around on youtube, we need more influence to get those much wanted and needed wins for vapers.

  15. Tyler Kenny says:


  16. Belby Blasphemy says:

    I think CBD in vapes is a good thing. My mother has a lot of chronic pain and she also vapes, so she started vaping Hemplucid CBD oil and it has helped her tremendously. It keeps her from using opiates for her pain, and as an opiate addict I think that's a wonderful thing. However, I can also see how vaping could take a hit from people who are ignorant to the ways of CBD and THC in vaping. I'm all for it, but I know a lot of people aren't because they see it as just another drug.

  17. Belby Blasphemy says:

    Also, I grew up with the D.A.R.E program and it didn't work at all.

  18. Tiffany Wellington says:

    Yo you should do a review on that vape in Quavo's snap story shit looks dank af. I think its called Quanta or something. Anyone know??

  19. Jkh-Art says:

    I almost never comment on videos, because my account is for my artist stuff. I had an idea for a fun troll comment,
    but changed my mind, just wanna say you and Grimm are my favourite youtube entertainment. Thanks for making videos.

  20. Sun Behind the Sun 777 says:

    Wouldn't the world be a utopia if the goverment and "concerned" citizens would mind their own business? Seriously, how does it affect them what I choose to put in my body? It is my life at the end of the day, not theirs. They don't live in my mind and body, I do. Are they really losing sleep over it at night? Of course, in the end it's all about money. But seriously, if politicians and governments focused on stopping actual issues like war, rape, and murder they wouldn't have time to worry about vaping and or cannabis. Or ANY drug for that matter, ALL (yes I said all) drugs should be 100% legal. If we keep this up in 2000 years time their will still be a "War on Drugs". Human beings are really the most puzzling creatures of all time.

  21. Jim Wiedman says:

    I am commenting solely from a legislative and advocacy perspective. Medical marijuana is gaining support from the staunchest of conservatives. Even to the point that it looks as though a bill will pass in Tennessee (a legislature made up of a majority of conservative Republicans in the middle of the Bible belt) to allow its use. That being said the tolerance for recreational marijuana is still not accepted in most places. If we could very carefully ride the wave of acceptance for the benefits of medical marijuana without attaching the stigma that comes from it's recreational use it may be useful. The problem is that it is a very slippery political slope.

    The main problem for us is trying to convince the general public that vaping is in fact less harmful than combustible tobacco. If we could show that not only is it less harmful, but with the use of cbd, potentially beneficial…we may have us a winner! We would however need to be extremely careful so that the news media and anti-tobacco groups don't try to make it look like a bunch of stoners and potheads are pushing the whole "vaping agenda".

  22. 666sansui says:

    the war on drugs is the war on you and me.


  23. Storm Watton says:

    Ruby what size are your stretchers?

  24. Storm Watton says:

    I personally use CBD oil/tincture orally as i have scoliosis. And it really does work, unfortunately here in Cape Town South Africa we can only get the 100 to 300mg strengths. And it is not allowed to be displayed on shelves, they keep it under the counter. I use Elixinol, its great! I was very sceptical at first but I didn't want to use pain tablets constantly. So I gave it a try and I've been using it for about a year now. I would really like to get a CBD infused eliquid as I work in a vape shop and I am vaping constantly throughout the day. Sometimes I forget my CBD at home, then I have to suffer with the pain from standing all day. Unfortunately we can't import CBD infused eliquids because most of the companies that produce these liquids put little weed leafs on their packaging and that won't get though customs here. Even though it contains no THC, it is still seen as taboo here. I tried ordering from a company called KOI CBD, but they told me they do not ship to RSA because of fraud or some shit. Not sure if I could use the Elixinol in my eliquid as there is not much information on this. As well as the fact that the wellness warehouses we have here, haven't the slightest idea what CBDs are or how they work… Anyhoo that's my 2 cents. Ps Ruby love your shows from day 1! You got me into vaping and I thank you for that <3

  25. Hans Dampf says:

    Dude… WTF on that "Grimm Roo"-Comment. Just shoosh on that. Ruby is the HOTTIE of the Vape Scene. <— yes, thats a PERIOD!

  26. Jkh-Art says:

    Also plz make playlists like Grimm

  27. The Chill Vaper says:

    Free the weed and your mind will follow

  28. The Chill Vaper says:

    who else watches exclusively for Troll Corner?

  29. Katie morgan says:

    Haha! I love you, and I love your responses to troll corner!! ❤️

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