Our First Time Smoking CBN Wax

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For this review, we got our hands on some CBN wax. We hit it out of our G2 pen, and give our CBDHempLibrary review.

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3 thoughts on “Our First Time Smoking CBN Wax”

  1. Kenneth Howard says:

    Yall dudes make money off of this?

  2. yasser garcia says:

    This channel is criminally underrated smh… Concise, informative and entertaining reviews. Seeing yall explore less known cannabinoids like CBG and CBN is cool af. Can't wait to see other hemp-based cannabinoids alongside the regular reviews. Keep up the excellent work and these videos have been a highlight of my quarantine (stay safe bros). Also hemp library hoodies when??

  3. Daniel Reed says:

    How and where can I buy this? I've searched but can't find anything in it. How did you get it?

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