Pakistani Cops Fight Terror & Chinese Sex Robots : VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

This is the January 12, 2018 FULL EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO.

2:47 VICE News speaks with Pakistani officials to learn about how they are dealing with their terror problem at home.

7:06 Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin announced today that the Trump Administration has approved his state’s proposal to tie work requirements to its Medicaid program.

10:39 VICE News explores how Trump is bringing about the “deconstruction of the administrative state.”

13:22 VICE News sits down with a panel of comedians to talk about their experience with comedy in the age of Trump.

19:33 Greenland and Denmark came to an agreement yesterday to finally clean up military and industrial trash that was left in Greenland more than 50 years ago. Not part of this deal is the country responsible for creating the mess in the first place, the United States.

21:02 Chinese men have been called the “most single in the world”, thanks to a gender imbalance caused by the one-child policy.” VICE News visits a sex dolls factory and meets one Chinese man who has married a robot.

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43 thoughts on “Pakistani Cops Fight Terror & Chinese Sex Robots : VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)”

  1. Jordan Baldwin says:

    Vice used to have journalists. Now it's become buzzfeed.

  2. Mitch Williams says:

    Forcing people to work for Medicaid? Medicaid helps so many people, including poor senior citizens, people with crippling disabilities, and ex-felons who struggle to find employment. It's always a huge step to compare Trump to Hitler, but this move is effectively taking away medicine from the most powerless populations. If this administration is taking away care for the most vulnerable, what will happen?

  3. 18matts says:

    So when do they fight the Chinese sex robots?

  4. Qusay Abdul-Hamid says:

    So this is how China is dealing with overpopulation?

  5. dayellabunny says:

    The ending of this video gave me life…lol

  6. Brahm Jeet says:

    Vice, why can't you be neutral? Almost every story had a negative link to Trump. Might as well categorise it propaganda.

  7. Richard William Kirkpatrick-Thorne says:

    Anybody here see those weird looking English (not Punjab?) "ELITE PUNJAB POLICE" patches that look like those logos of brands from discount clothing stores? I bet they bought those patches when they heard that VICE was showing up.
    They wanted to be seen as "elite" by foreign audiences… but everybody in Pakistan probably has a hard time taking those regular cops in their jogging pants, khakis and red-dyed beards seriously.

  8. Khal Drogo says:

    I was pleasantly surprised by the comics taking jabs at trumpers and sjws

  9. Khal Drogo says:

    So men having sex toys is sad but women having sex toys is empowering? #doublestandarts

  10. Cameron Sipka says:

    what do climate change deniers think of other countries spending shit tons of money fighting, or in greenland's case in this video, dealing with the effects of climate changr

  11. Brad Smith says:
    Since you went full blown communist with the dissenting points of view by banning all commenting on this video.

    We're not drinking the trans ideology kool aid that you and the globalist billionaires are pushing vice. A mere 47000 views and more dislikes then likes 3 to 1. Seems the public doesn't agree with your cultish obsession with gender theories. So you banned them from speaking. Vice is disgusting now. Fake news.

    Let's continue the discussion here. The discussion vice would rather nobody have.

  12. goodfilmful says:

    So Im guessing Chinese people have never heard of using porn and a hand

  13. ArniePie IntheSky says:

    If we can throw billions on the failed state of Afghanistan than we can afford to give free healthcare to everyone in this country.

  14. cspliff61 says:

    What a joke do people seriously
    take this s*** serious

  15. cspliff61 says:

    I wonder why I've never heard of any of those comedians oh, I know cause they suck at comedy

  16. Critical Thinker says:

    Where was Osama capture? I rest my case.

  17. Paul Brooks says:

    Congress should be required to work or no pay!

  18. MrPoint50 says:

    this is what happens when you have a idiot for president.

  19. Evelyn S. says:

    ughhhhhhhhh sh*thole

  20. Know:Yall〈cthisshit says:

    Do homework trump is German

  21. Straynar says:

    I wish I had a job. Sad, 20/hr would just mean I can survive. People don't realize how poor we are.

  22. Carlo Sproule says:

    Oh, no! You mean they can't just take money for free AND use it for drugs and not on their 12 children. Man….. they have to stay clean like everyone else that has a career.

  23. TheArNoir says:

    that marx quote is misleading. when he wrote that he wasn't obviously thinking about sex robots specifically but rather about the definite material conditions that fuel the capitalist process of production

  24. Trésor Irumva says:

    Greenland could've also started learning fluent German when the Axis invaded. Clean your damn island up already, the Cold War is over.

  25. Alan R says:

    Ok, now I'm picturing Pakistani cops fighting Chinese sexbots on Pay-Per-View. Phrasing, people!

  26. Ryan Morris says:

    3:34 no trigger discipline.

  27. Jason Romanelli says:

    So how come literally no questions were asked about how Pakistan was making sure another Bin Laden situation wouldn't happen. A lot of "I'm angry this was said" and "whatever we don't need you anyway" is what came out of their mouths but I never hear a single statement with depth explaining either side of the argument. I am starting to believe the claims of bias reporting against vice. Good thing you have Desus and Mero or else id probably be done with vice.

  28. Wesley P says:

    i think one comedian put it perfectly a while back although i dnt remember his name. but he said he doesnt even bother making jokes about trump because trump is already such a big joke that hes trumped all the jokes anyone can make about him. i think this is true. how can you make fun of someone who is the biggest joke in american history. just trump being president is the biggest joke you can ever tell and you dont need to because its true.

  29. patrick nepton says:


  30. James Koss says:

    Wow these comics are obese and depressing. ><" Talk about a sad comedy scene.

  31. H0RSEMAN0FWAR 86 says:

    Someone needs to sho vice de wey

  32. Kaiserdotexe says:

    Am I the only one that read differently than intended and then expected Paki police to fight armed sex robots?

  33. doyle patton says:

    VICE has become so bias against President Trump that this is no longer a real news site. Fake News is starting to be the new norm.

  34. Saifullah Ben Walid says:

    VICE has lost their credibility. You interview pakistani officialis without asking them about their open support of taliban in Afghanistan. Your hate of Trump have made you biased.

  35. Justin Riley says:

    Why all the dislikes?

  36. haydn sam says:

    SO … this is what the Chinese do when not hacking in pubg interesting

  37. David S says:

    The Pakistani intelligence services will always protect Islamic groups because they help them against India. It's that simple.

  38. Romi Farooqi says:
  39. Youcef Taleb says:

    That should be a show.

  40. fraz waraich says:

    Why the fcuk subtitles whenever Pakistanis and Indians talk in English.

  41. Ethan Cha says:

    That title sounds like it came out of a Guardian article.

  42. Ironic Zomblin says:

    Pakistani cops are fighting Chinese sex robots? Now that's a story I want to see.

  43. VICE News says:

    Watch the next full episode of VICE News Tonight here –

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