Pink Kush Disposable Vape Pen by San Rafael '71 | Cannabis 2.0

Welcome back to iPot Review. This week we reviewed our first Cannabis 2.0 product. We looked at the San Rafael ’71 Pink Kush Disposable Vape Pen!

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22 thoughts on “Pink Kush Disposable Vape Pen by San Rafael '71 | Cannabis 2.0”

  1. james newman says:

    Yeah I have been considering getting myself a vap kit.

  2. Darren M says:

    Like the 2.0 review! I love Pink Kush from San Rafael but can’t really see myself ever going back to vaping weed. I love my bong!!!

  3. SuperBeautifulNoise says:

    Hey buddy how long did you find that the high lasts?

  4. SuperBeautifulNoise says:

    Seeing a disposable vape pen brings me back to when I first started weed about 3 years ago, iirc the pen I first used was called Stay Puff.

  5. SuperBeautifulNoise says:

    I wonder how this compares to my doing a 15 minute vape session with flower? at 70/75% it may knock me on my ass. This medical stuff I have from Spectrum is 21% thc but I evenly mix it with some 13.6% thc stuff.

  6. Missy G says:

    Is there any smell?

  7. darryl cotton says:

    did it teast like pink kush?. i grabed some redecan vapes . there's no teast to the train one . it was the first time that i tried one . i took about 10 puffs over a 2 hours and it f~~ked me up . if you haven't tried one be very careful . 4 puffs would of been fine .

  8. Missy G says:

    Hey does anyone know are all the 510 batteries and cartridges compatible?

  9. James McNicol says:

    Great review… I’ve noticed you were drawing way to hard. Which can kill the battery and or the element.

  10. Thomas K says:

    Whoa I have to view this again another time man, you would not believe whtat your head looks like on the purple quest dude

  11. Jimmy Cole says:

    Hey, can you review cove rise vape and /or spinach original gc thanks

  12. Craig Eazy says:

    I just bought a Aurora sativa blend disposable and i enjoy it, same as your just diff product it's not too bad! Great video.

  13. Outerspace Bean says:

    Boom! I picked up the identical pen from San rafeal, but Tangerine Dream. I've never had this prduct in sych a way. That kncked me down bgig time!! 4 good draws on the stick.
    To compare this would be 'knife tokes from back in the day.
    Be very careful driving or operating machinery. Fair warning.
    And I'm a 50 year old man errr stoner.

  14. Ryancoke 420 says:

    Mine barely worked got like 10 hits an was empty.

  15. Fredrick Caples says:

    Show your real face

  16. Jonathan Firlotte says:

    It looks like you're smoking out of your neck! And the face the avatar makes while you're taking a puff looks hilarious! Thank you for this video, I couldn't tell if the one I bought was broken because it just wasn't hitting me

  17. Official says:

    Dose it give you a clean high nice and relaxing?

  18. Kingzy says:

    you think this will ever get out In Quebec (SQDC) ?

  19. Hustleallday Stacks says:

    I also live in ontario they got the same pen in my dispensary near by…. are these safe??? I was reading about the lung damages but these pens are from dispensary theyre probably tested right?

  20. Hivy Mayi says:

    Can someone compare this to a diamond disposable pen please ❤️

  21. Marlene Ramos says:

    I have the gram but where can i find the part to puff it

  22. SuperBeautifulNoise says:

    I wish YouTube wouldn't algorithmically demote your videos, they are information and fun to watch, keep up the good work! 🙂

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