Relaxing Flute Music and Making a Smoking Pipe Blank Out of Soapstone

Here’s another pipe making video! Instead of commentary, I decided to put some more flute music in the background. Let me know what you think!

Thanks for watching and enjoy!

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13 thoughts on “Relaxing Flute Music and Making a Smoking Pipe Blank Out of Soapstone”

  1. sacrip tex says:

    weed or tobacco

  2. Willy Bee says:

    Nick,, Is that you playing the flute??
    Good job….

  3. Willy Bee says:

    If you ever get to Pipestone Minnesota, you won't be too far from me,,,

  4. Chris Pruett says:

    I liked the videos before but even better with the Native American flute

  5. Jim Wygralak says:

    What kind of cutting tools do you need to work soapstone?

  6. Kajan451 says:

    I could do without the flute

  7. steven McDaniel says:

    you should try some drums with the flute as well

  8. abe frohman says:

    Wood, metal, stone, pvc Nick works with everything next we will find out he's replacing Bob Ross.

  9. rivercitymike76 says:

    always a good thing to have cross groove lines for better grip. nothing worst than a broken pipe

  10. Panda Knives says:

    Very nice! They look so good! 😀

  11. Funfunnico says:

    you… you smoke bro?

    how much we talkin?

  12. Andy D. says:

    Are you playing the flute music? I really enjoyed it. Also, what kind of saw/blade were you using to cut the stone?

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