Russia’s Olympics Ban & Mothers In Recovery : VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

This is December 5, 2017, FULL EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO.

3:34 – President Trump’s Jerusalem bombshell.

9:10 – Russia has been banned from competing in the 2018 Pyeongchang Games in South Korea, a punishment for the mass doping scandal that dominated the country’s presence in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

11:23 For formerly incarcerated women struggling with drug addiction, re-entering society can be a vulnerable time to relapse. VICE News takes an intimate look at a faith-based sober living home in Claremore, Oklahoma, through the eyes of Amber and Drew, two mothers who are trying to reunite with their children and rebuild their lives.

17:49 – Cryptokitties are taking the internet by storm. We investigate why this new phenomenon is less about cats, and more about the future of blockchain technology itself.

20:13 – Thundercat reviews the following songs: “Sooner or Later (I Always Get My Man)” by Katherine McPhee, “Fort Knox” by Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, “Open Arms” by PRETTYMUCH, and “John My Beloved (iPhone demo)” by Sufjan Stevens.

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49 thoughts on “Russia’s Olympics Ban & Mothers In Recovery : VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)”

  1. jandrmayers says:

    Anyone who wants a detailed look at the Russians doping program check out Icarus.

  2. Brian Arnold says:

    Note: Ross Rebagliati (mentioned at 10:01 as a "juiced up athlete") was found to have trace amounts of marijuana in his system. Does the IOC consider marijuana to be a performance enhancing drug?

  3. Zazuban says:

    The section at 3:34 about Trumps "Bombshell" is about as fake as fake news gets. Do you realize how freaking stupid you are right now Vice news…. Obama also said that Jerusalem was the capital of Israel and so did Bush and Clinton… do you really think we are going to fall for your lies ; your pathetic attempts to turn the public against our president?! Palestine can go stick their religion of peace back where the sun doesn't shine.

  4. iFoRMaTioN1 says:

    Ban Russia? Might as well ban America.

  5. YesMan NoMan says:

    Russia must be doing something right if they have enraged the US Empire and its vassals. What are the odds that the most demonised country in the West gets hammer-slammed at a time when relations between Russia and USA are frostier than ever? It seems a bit coincidental that the ban occurred now and not, well previously when Russia had a pro-Western installed friendly government (hinting at the drunkard fool Yeltsin).

    How is it that Russia suddenly started sponsoring a doping programme in 2014 and had it effects come so quickly? Surely, if this is some larger scale system then the mechanism and delay of communication would've been much longer.

    I see this very much as a character assassination at a very fitting time in order to discredit and delegitimise Russian actions on the geopolitical arena. If you've missed recent news about Syria because of your media failing to report on the events, then I can tell you that the Syrian state together with Russia, Iran and some others have achieved victory that have started a domino effect in stopping western meddling in the Middle East. Now that Russia has a foothold in Syria, they'll be able to position themselves better against Western regime changes in neighbouring states.

    I hope you at least give this some thought before you comment that I'm a Russian troll.

  6. Angel B says:

    It's the Elite that want the land

  7. Ira Dutary-Audia says:

    Hold doctors accountable for writing scripts left and right instead of sending them to therapy but I guess they'd lose out on those kick backs that drug companies give them… no respect for their fellow humans

  8. Jeff Araujo says:

    All these allegations all of sudden it's crazy I'm starting to think it's all lies people are always trying to get money

  9. Artistic Endeavors says:

    Like the NFL, the olympics are finished.

  10. Odysseus Candle says:

    Creating chaos, confusion, anger, terror. Anything it takes to full fill his agenda. Gaining on military contracts and obviously military positioning/logistics.

  11. Dardania Posts says:

    Russia cheated and should be banned

  12. SweGamingNoobs says:

    What happened with the video ”The daughter that putin doesn’t want anyone to know about”?

  13. PantsB4Squares says:

    Drugs chosen over children. Thats why everyone dont conceive!

  14. Eric Scheffler says:

    He really reminds me of 3 Dog from Fallout 3

  15. Stuart Hughes says:

    Oh please, good God. This is just atrocious fact checking. Dripping with partisanship.

  16. Tony says:

    Did anyone notice the video about Putin's family has been removed?

  17. Кирилл Диогенов says:

    well, we are fucked up

  18. Link_ 82 says:

    Thank God Russia is banned they always cheat and there really corrupt

  19. Reformatt Show says:

    I want Giants of Iceland: Part 2! Make it happen Vice, make it happen

  20. smolboi jones says:

    Do people still support trump??? He had tons of sexual allegations. More than the current entertainers/politicians that are being exposed.

  21. Jeremy Oblock says:

    Wstch icarus on Netflix

  22. TaggsR85 says:

    A deal for Jerusalem will never and would not have ever been made!!! They just need to fight and the winner takes jarusalem…. period, even though we all know who would win.

  23. PantsB4Squares says:

    Vice is caught as being sell outs? People that have been watching for vice's entirety will know that sold out a few years ago to play along as the main newsoutlets do. Which means they are not truly indepent because big brother is watching and threatend them. So they can only speak on what is approved. THE PUTIN DAUGHTERS SEGMENT WAS REMOVED. I saw the segment when thia video first aired and now its gone. State yourself vice!!

  24. Luis Rosa says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that it is a bit disrespectful for Vice to put captions when non-native English speakers speak English?

  25. Pedro Andrade says:

    Making out with my cat ahahahah 20:50

  26. pecu alex says:

    We always knew isreal and palestine would "fight" till the end of time

  27. J Fo says:

    consolidate " "

  28. Damien Ostler says:

    Since like 1975 the embassy was suppose to be moved, and building was set to be built. This is just something everyone has postponed, Every president has said they would do it.

  29. Animated Tigress says:

    Funny that Deutsche bank is Russian owned.

  30. Stanislav Bashkir says:

    Do not win the Western countries at the Olympics, otherwise you will be found doping.

  31. cvc says:

    Dammit vice your titles get me every time. Thought this was a story about Russia's Olympics Ban ON Mothers In Recovery…. was gonna say wtf is going on lol

  32. ELFHUNTER50 says:


  33. Tanya Kulova says:

    Russia was banned for political reasons, just like Eurovision.

  34. DAS says:


  35. phillip kalaveras says:

    Hey Vice are you going to do a story on rogue FBI agent Peter Strzok or how that phony Russian dossary on Trump was used in the fiser court to get warrants and the reason for the Muller special console in the first place? I didn't think so

  36. Gus Alcon says:

    Palestinians love the peace process as it gives them so much but as soon as you do something they don't like They became violent like always so should ISRAEL keep their peace process when Palestine doesn't practice peace?

  37. GamingTV says:

    that blonde chick really needs a professional dresser, she looked like someone just threw a black coat on her seconds before airing

  38. Michael Gfroerer says:

    Wake up Russians! Putin is a dictator and your nation has been disgraced.

  39. Carter Agvent says:


  40. Dick Jones says:

    Does anyone actually care about the Olympics anymore??? They are full of drug cheats, many from the US.

  41. eifelitorn says:

    Thanks for the timestamps !

  42. T W says:

    Russia is a third world country

  43. VICE News says:

    Cryptokitties are taking the internet by storm. We investigate why this new phenomenon is less about cats, and more about the future of blockchain technology itself.
    WATCH NEXT on bitcoin mania –

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