Sasha Banks 2019 Theme – Sky's The Limit (Remix) feat. Snoop Dogg (Sample)

Upcoming WWE Music release:
Sky’s The Limit (Remix) feat. Snoop Dogg

Edit 03/20: The track is out now!

This is the official artwork and an audio sample of the single.

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37 thoughts on “Sasha Banks 2019 Theme – Sky's The Limit (Remix) feat. Snoop Dogg (Sample)”

  1. Músicas da BWF says:

    Oh so this will really be uploaded by WWE? What about the other new tracks?

  2. Rage Trons says:

    YOO FINALLY?! Is there a rumored release date? This friday?!

  3. JRB97 says:

    Is this along with the other themes finally being released?

  4. Azeroth The Dark Human says:

    I need dijavovic next! It'll be my workout theme!

  5. HT82 Smash says:

    We want Io!

  6. TheLegitGomez25 says:

    omg!! do you have the full thing???

  7. David Banks says:

    Good Job Like My Girl Sasha Banks ITS BOSS TIME her song is Awesome to

  8. Everything says:


  9. 로빈김 says:

    I hope they released DJDTP themes

  10. Safoul Seum says:

    Wow amazing work

  11. Gilbertdu62 says:

    Where did you get that news ?

  12. Bey Han says:

    The Kabuki Warriors and The OC please!

  13. Danielecena01 Cena says:

    Cameron grimes Dominick dijakovic Damian priest kushida angel garza humberto carrillo joaquin wilde isahia swerve Scott erick rowan oc and Killian dain theme song please

  14. Kordei Nation says:


  15. AllenR24 says:

    Curt Hawkins and zack Ryder clear theme plz

  16. Wrestling Music Playlists says:

    Omg its really coming!???

  17. Houston International Media says:

    FINALLY A STUDIO VERSION! Where and when can we get the whole thing?

  18. Blue Tongue says:

    this is the new music producer of wwe themes right?

  19. Kanzan says:


  20. Duglas Eliud Gutierrez Ordoñez says:

    Erick Rowan, Cecaro, The OC, Bayley, Elias, Damien Priest, Kabuki Warriors Sample.

  21. KBTrons says:

    Thank you for posting these samples. You are the most credible person to share this (especially highlighting that we should all purchase the music from WWE). Once again, thank you.

  22. Blackhammer 27 says:


  23. seansvids says:


  24. SANTIAGO ARATA says:

    Humberto Carrillo next please

  25. Chris Cross The Realist Carnage Gaming says:

    Full version please we all can't wait anymore

  26. Cederic Jefferies says:

    I love Sasha Banks I been wanting to hear her new entrance theme finally a sample

  27. shayna grace says:


  28. Hoàng Thông says:


  29. Ka-Ho Leung says:

    Full version of this please! I cannot wait for this studio version to come!!! I cannot wait and have it on my mp3 of course!!! #SashaBanks #SnoopDogg #SkysTheLimit #Remix #BluePrint #TheBluePrint #LegitBoss

  30. xdemonx says:


  31. Karine says:

    Where's the rest??

  32. Danielecena01 Cena says:

    I want other new theme song please

  33. Keiran Devy says:

    Can you do Sonya Deville's updated theme next please

  34. Mikal Lashley says:

    It releases today

  35. blvssfuleditsx says:

    finally i can do a custom titantron with the actual version

  36. Rage Trons says:

    Hey Jean, are you able to say whether this was a one-off thing kinda like how Code Oranges collab was or if we should expect more DJDTP themes in the next few weeks?

  37. Everything says:

    Can you please do The kabuki warriors theme and Dakota Kai? Pls!

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