29 thoughts on “Sasha Banks – Sky's the Limit (Remix) [Entrance Theme] feat. Snoop Dogg”

  1. Lauren Steinke says:

    Push them (bullies) out the way

  2. BLUNTMAN says:

    Next champ on perfomancecentremania

  3. Maryse Rose says:


  4. Olivia Mills says:

    I am obsessed with the drop at the begging

  5. Héctor player says:

    i was waiting for the remix version of the theme of sasha banks long time thank god its finnaly here

  6. Koala Dünyası says:


  7. Koala Dünyası says:


  8. Behaydin Fidanov says:

    DOM DOM DOM 25-32

  9. Maurice Maurice says:

    Give us io theme now!!

  10. Flavio Gaspar says:

    We want Io Shirai's theme…

  11. reggie wolfpac says:


  12. Ballerz24 says:

    I love it but I prefer the original one

  13. A جف حق حل حل حلم حي خس ي says:


  14. Charles Rassel says:

    this is the best Sasha Banks WWE theme song ever

  15. Shimon Kindred says:

    Awesome theme song.

  16. L. Knight says:

    Of all the themes you guys could've gone for after months…

    …It's THIS trash??

  17. Calvestet Marks says:

    I love Sasha banks remix song da boss still rules.

  18. Yojan Cordova says:

    Dakota Kai theme new plis

  19. Yojan Cordova says:

    Bayley theme new

  20. Alex Christopher says:

    So it’s the same as her mania entrance years ago. Not exactly new

  21. Anime tanjoro says:

    Finally ! Now all we need is IO SHIRAI & DOKOTA KAI

  22. Cyndi Mcgonigal says:

    This is legit good. Sasha has talent

  23. The Mockingjay says:

    Where's Io?

  24. Folkesgeoblood says:

    Sasha sucks oh and its too bad she got abused when she was little

  25. Folkesgeoblood says:

    She cant sing

  26. Alif Najmi says:

    I guess WWE Music finally awaken from Hibernation

  27. Michael M says:

    Io Shirai new theme plzz

  28. George Clooney says:

    4 years later

  29. Rith Ackerman says:

    I need Lyrics

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