Seth Rogen and Snoop Dogg Prep JD to Smoke Weed for First Time

Stern Show guests Seth Rogen and Snoop Dogg tell JD Harmeyer the best weed to smoke for his first time getting high.

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38 thoughts on “Seth Rogen and Snoop Dogg Prep JD to Smoke Weed for First Time”

  1. skankhunt42 says:

    He said your bitch as is gonna be done I'm dead!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Andy Michels says:

    Snoop is a genius

  3. Matthew Reis says:

    I think Snoop mixed up Sativa and Indica.. Sativa is usually a stronger head high that gets you HIGH AS HELL

  4. DjDMA says:

    Ain't no cactus in the hood

  5. HBC423 says:

    Sativas can make you paranoid though.. I'd go for a nice couch locking Indica

  6. Susie Fairfield says:

    Start JD out with some "hippie crippler" that's mofo two toke

  7. alojz300 says:

    Cactus in the hood :)))

  8. Corruption City says:

    1:18 hahahah

  9. Corruption City says:

    Ain’t no cactus in the hood cuh

  10. lou skunt* says:

    Part 2!!?????

  11. Ser Dunk says:

    "wtf is that?" lol

  12. Nay says:

    I'd say JD took it like a champ. It was a lot of pressure on him. Sometimes people don't actually get high their first time.

  13. Casper says:

    snoop is like WTF is that JD LOL

  14. BigMoonDawg1 says:

    When is JD gonna smoke????

  15. Randal Savage says:

    Ain't no cactus in the hood son

  16. Bill Randolph says:

    What a great show that was. Fucking Snoop is never a let down

  17. Humberto Vergara says:

    Get serious XM radio. Lol

  18. Justin Collins says:

    Best interview of the year!!

  19. Dustin Adamson says:

    Forbidden Fruit that’s what he should smoke first fuck that

  20. Dustin Adamson says:

    Or white widow or huckleberry or gorilla glue

  21. Dustin Adamson says:

    Silver haze… puna budder pick one good weed Jesus you guys

  22. Dustin Adamson says:

    DO NOT mix nicotine and thc that’s amateur hour

  23. Dustin Adamson says:

    One day I took a challenge from Hawaii on the Eminem forums I said challenge me to get you weed… I met every challenge even the guy in Alaska got his within hours

  24. LudoSanderz says:

    Put Seth and snoopdogg in a 2 hour podcast

  25. Make The Lakers Great Again says:

    Howard should move to LA. Best city in the world

  26. MashClashVideos says:

    My dude said “ yo style of woman gunna change”

  27. Doug Horne says:

    Shit, he already looks high.

  28. Stephen Wayda says:

    I can see him getting super paranoid and contemplating that he lets people clown on him for the past 15 years

  29. ThereAlwaysWatching says:

    Howard's on to something when he said they should do a movie like cheech and chong! Once he said that, I was like, I would fucking watch that!

  30. Nancy Kaufmann says:

    So did J.D. smoke it or what?? There's no video showing what happened!!

  31. Vincente Sackul says:

    Peyote bitch!

  32. ognavo1 says:

    Every Mexican has cactus in there backyard…snoops wrong about that

  33. Hugo Pedersen says:

    Dude looks like Adam Sandler

  34. Coleman Jolley says:

    Please Snoop. Run for president. We need you.

  35. J Fry says:

    This is gold!

  36. Angelo Vendicio says:

    this is more like it!! to make this all come full circle for the viewers, this needs to be animated.

  37. Zakaria Moudni says:

    I actually smoked weed for the first time.. Ain't nothing happened.. So I'm here for some tips from the master..

  38. Talktak Life says:

    Start w sativa?

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