I wanted to do another video discussing sexual questions that I get asked frequently. I hope this was helpful and a fun, chill way for us to openly talk about stigmatized topics.


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15 thoughts on “SEX TALK SMOKE SESSION”

  1. junjie says:

    ur hair is sooooo long now omg i rmbr when u chopped it off like damn, its insane that ive watched u while living in 2 different countries!!
    also i love how u asked in the beginning abt how ppl are doing, i doubt ur gonna read this but honestly, my lifes been pretty trash lately and watching ur vids is such a highlight in my day :)) <33 also i get so jealous when u smoke cuz i currently live in a place where weed isn't something i can get whenever i want

    edit: also i rmbr the one time i commented on ur vid about oberhofer (i swear this was like 2015??) and how u posting oberhofer songs on ur snapchat got me into them!!! i think u <3 'd the comment back then

  2. Fat Gamer says:

    ❤️❤️FC’From Thailand ❤️❤️

  3. sirkroete TM says:

    My girlfriend and me had our first time sex ever together. It was really intense and there was a lot of love involved. That was the best experience ever in my life.

  4. David Alvarez says:

    Now im thinking bout chips 🙁

  5. Ice Poseidons REAL FATHER says:

    I'm 62 and enjoy watching your videos thank you for your service dear

  6. Krista Starr says:

    How do you get your hair so perfect and shiny? I have wavy hair and it always gets so static-y and fly away ish.

  7. Angel Lopez Jr says:

    different place

  8. Water Man says:

    I’m stoned and I thought …hey i bet she is going to say she shaves a landing strip.

  9. Tom 77 says:

    i like that song can you tell me the title

  10. Mae says:

    Dude I have that same bowl from your intro

  11. Angie Falk says:

    I’m realizing that frances is always tilted. Is it just her head or her spine? My brother has scoliosis and I’m getting a scoliosis vibe

  12. Lee Cormier says:

    I just adore your vibe :’)

  13. Mr. Wuffwuff says:

    Not sure if that's just me, but I get really up for porn when I've just smoked sum pot

  14. Kevin Michniewicz says:

    Every female is bi sexual

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