Smoke Up With Snoop Dogg and His Yuletide Crew On The GGN 2018 Holiday Mash-Up Show | BEST OF GGN


With Thanksgiving leftovers already wrapped up for another year, Christmas around the corner, and New Years creeping soon, it’s time to break bread with family and friends, and share in a few laughs. And for our fearless leader Snoop Dogg, that means music, comedy, celebrities, and enough food to feed an army. Thankfully, the Doggfather has a big family to share in the Winter warmth.

On this very special, all-encompassing, holiday episode of GGN, we put together an inside look at Uncle Snoop’s most raucous Yuletide celebrations from over the years, featuring guests like Bishop Don “Magic” Juan, Too $hort, Luenell, Michael Blackson, Karrueche Tran, and live music from BJ the Chicago Kid and Snoop himself.

While Luenell runs through an X-rated 12 Days of Christmas, Michael Blackson tells his favorite off-color jokes, and T.I. breaks down the origins of Thanksgiving, the crew alternates between never-ending blunts and bottles of Ciroc, bringing our humble talk show much holiday cheer as humanly possible.

So kick back, spark up, pour up the eggnog and take a seat at Snoop’s holiday dinner party with MERRY JANE and GGN.


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45 thoughts on “Smoke Up With Snoop Dogg and His Yuletide Crew On The GGN 2018 Holiday Mash-Up Show | BEST OF GGN”

  1. K. V says:

    Really snoop, we was waiting for an actual Christmas special video not recaps lol

  2. Joshua Miller says:

    Whatup snoop the show is so dope thank you for coming out with the show there would b nobody else better to host a smoke out. I got a hold of the chronic in 3rd grade was dope then doggystyle came out in 5th grade and that was it for me. Hmm I would like to see NAS or Jay z or or even cormega I know that's east but great lyrics. West west rep O.C California Anaheim….

  3. KiN CAMELL says:


  4. big chew says:

    Get it Snoop Ah Yeah Get It Lit GGn.

  5. big chew says:

    Happy Holidays Chat Snoop.

  6. monta ellis says:

    Too Short was too real

  7. Sirious Calibre says:

    Think u can slide me a ounce Almighty Dogg father

  8. Pavel Egorov says:

    Снуп, как всегда красава )

  9. Full Throttle Team The Dream Ent. says:

    CHECK out that mongoose Eldorado PAUSE video(headphones)

  10. Big long Meat says:

    You know why you’re seeing repeats ? It’s cause nobody fucks with snoop anymore. Guy is a fucking clown who keeps making a fool of himself. He a straight up jackass now

  11. Larry Flynn says:

    Dis da mos ridic shizzy I ever

  12. Michael Fransisca says:

    Every year i watch ggn Christmas its now my tradition

  13. Mack Daddy says:


  14. WaxDawg619 says:

    When they showed Michael blackson I only saw a chain for about 3 seconds.

  15. Dukes VALLER says:

    Merry Christmas yall

  16. El Bosco Hieronymus Bosch says:

    We need more episodesss, fuck that premium shit.

  17. pablo Escobar says:

    Yea uncle snoop dont believe these holiday they create, short is right as humans we are disconnected but we dont need there days to realize what we have.

  18. SuperBowl Packer420 says:

    Get Mike Tomlin on the show and I’ll be surprised

  19. Jason A. Ruth says:

    Happy Holidays Dogg Family

  20. BIGG CHUUCH bb says:

    Too much disrespecc imm out mane

  21. Илья Константинов says:

    wow he is alive

  22. Santa Claus says:

    keep the new shit going

  23. Lisa Arlin says:

    Awesome Merry Christmas blessing up!!!

  24. 32 Su says:

    Loyalty is forever by 32 su on YouTube listen snoop

  25. Nitrogoxygen says:

    This is fucking terrible. What the fuck.

  26. Joey Mejia says:

    Can down to the last roach come thru on some bomb azz pussy

  27. Joey Mejia says:

    This year last year

  28. Joey Mejia says:

    Add me joeymejia98 instagram lil pancho vila

  29. Joey Mejia says:

    Fuck that lab that laced my weed

  30. Joey Mejia says:

    Bombs azz Pussy

  31. Joey Mejia says:

    Fuck Jesus roman banda Mejia is gay you gay jealous fuck you too Jesus ureno Mejia don't want me to get the big buks instead they would rather suck dickthere all gay jealous retard fuck

  32. Joey Mejia says:

    There jealous ass people snoop I need be interview my story needs to be told

  33. Joey Mejia says:

    Iam grown man all the Mejia suck dick

  34. Joey Mejia says:

    You noisey fucks you bitch you

  35. Joey Mejia says:

    My fam paid t set me up and hit and run me

  36. Zvone D. says:

    Big Snoop you need a call Eddie Griffin to show

  37. Dumb Jason says:

    re run again

  38. RotwailerKood BastardSPOZAbudow says:

    latoya williams hot

  39. Tasha Kush says:

    “And theez bitchez, will be, some very special bitchez, for meeeeeeeee yeaaa” “dun na na na na dun na na na na naaaaaa”

  40. lhproductioncz says:

    I LOVE ALL weareone<3

  41. Tasha Kush says:

    Michael Blackson so black it look like his head was just floatin’ when he was dancing

  42. Jeremy Shaffer says:

    Snoop hog is a retarded ni**

  43. Mr. Leavell says:

    My nigga!

  44. Arya Vart says:

    Bring Eminem to GGN

  45. Talika Murray says:

    I hope he smoke himself to death that crazy rat face nigga

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