#Smoke4ACure: Matt Barnes & Snoop Dogg Raise Cancer Awareness With a Cannabis Summit

n an effort to raise awareness for cancer, Snoop Dogg teamed up with veteran NBA champ Matt Barnes to host a memorable charity event filled with cannabis, music, and good times.



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22 thoughts on “#Smoke4ACure: Matt Barnes & Snoop Dogg Raise Cancer Awareness With a Cannabis Summit”

  1. Raul Lopez says:

    Proud for em.

  2. YUPPY says:

    THC doesnt cure cancer, CBD does.

  3. Angela H says:

    Mike Tyson?
    Lol, that's Russell Peters

  4. LA GOD says:

    Green lives matter

  5. Levi Olin says:

    Damn why wasn't I invited?

  6. cheikmarone maltin says:

    Legaliza Brasil

  7. marko cupina says:

    Music name?

  8. pepe munic says:

    a la mierda…. y la gente comun pensando en tener 1 solo gramo…

  9. Ectoplasmic says:

    Cancer awareness is a lost cause, we need funding for cancer RESEARCH.

  10. Sim Won says:

    wait did i just see Russell Peters walking with Mike Tyson?!? haha cooool

  11. Philip Coats says:

    Damn i wish they would legalize down here in Texas

  12. Gustavo Lucas says:

    pq esse canal aparece na minha lista de inscrição se eu nao sou inscrito nele?

  13. cthut dooge says:

    Снуп красавэла

  14. hustlin5010 says:

    These people are not smoking for a cure , stop acting up

  15. спайс says:

    Здарова снупдог

  16. Joan Snow says:

    Why can’t it be legal in every state? I live I. The middle of the Bible Belt and these people are the worst about excepting things. Nothing but a bunch of hypocrites. I wish I could afford to move the hell out! Just a bunch of people stuck of stupidity. I sure couldn’t comment without mentioning they are all Republicans. I have never seen such a bunch of red neck hillbillies.
    Ok thank you for letting me vent! Have a great day Snoop!

  17. James f says:

    Please do something with AK!!!!!!!!!

  18. Guillermo34Gamer says:

    snoop dogg is dead?, or isn't dead


  19. PoetbyDay says:

    We need dope events like this is Australia! Country is getting too white.

  20. Yachtingtours says:


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