This video is entended for documentation, entertainment and artistic expression. Dont try this at home.

Today i review a 1000mg Extract Outlaws cartridge in the Yocan Uni and take a short trip to mars.

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18 thoughts on “SMOKING A 1000MG CARTRIDGE”

  1. Randamonium says:

    Great Meds Great Prices! Great Review!

  2. Dan Anderson says:

    Respect my brother. God bless you

  3. Benniloco says:

    Punched that like button til it pooped!!

  4. Benniloco says:

    WHOA!! When ya took the final, it got me couching!! Cheers baby!!

  5. Smokerbuddy420 says:

    Everything from the box down to the wax is just so well crafted. Hoping i can get my hands on these soon. Keep up the content bro! You're gonna be big soon just wait

  6. Chrysler Imperial H says:

    I'm just smoking on some generic flower don't know the strain but pretty good flower

  7. gm gp says:

    you bloody fucking stoner

  8. gm gp says:

    thanks for the shoot out

  9. gm gp says:

    100% distalate and cannabis terps

  10. Johnathon McCarn says:

    I'm smoking on some purple punch. I just got a new GravLab bong, it's awesome. Love the channel man. Shout out from Austin Texas

  11. CUZZIN!!! Combo King says:

    Very awesome review yae one and smoking on Grand Hindu

  12. Cn0ev0 says:

    cheers brother much respect , have a great night

  13. KUSH KING says:

    Great content yae

  14. 420 JUST BLAZE says:

    nice review yae

  15. JESSIE says:

    Oh tbis looks great hahhaa lovw tge intro

  16. betsy 387 says:

    Yes mate lmao baked big time

  17. Yae One says:

    Youtube is once again deleting multiple weed related channels. Please subscribe here for my backup channel. Thank you everyone !

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