22 thoughts on “Smoking a Lil baby #backwoods in the woods Go appreciate #nature if you can to…”

  1. aparicio.805 says:

    @spaghetto__ you in 10 years?

  2. 802dabz says:

    @californiabudz_2 much loveeeee!!❤️❤️❤️

  3. chase_huyer says:

    I’m your biggest fan

  4. goatmanone says:

    @butler.priv is this you

  5. thegoldencoil says:

    Stay blessed!

  6. dazeddayz_ says:

    THE SONG IS Post Malone ft 21 Savage – Rockstar

  7. 2colo says:

    Bro wtf did he say at the beginning

  8. marshall_graves77 says:

    @aidenncurran @turbo

  9. faded3ways says:

    Skreetch look in ass

  10. yodaba710 says:

    Follow me back bro @802dabz

  11. tricerapops_ says:

    @802dabz yeah haha its kind of wild honestly gets you not afraid of heights real quick haha

  12. 802dabz says:

    @tricerapops_ whaaat?!? That is awesome dude

  13. matt.aliko says:

    Big doinks

  14. tricerapops_ says:

    Dude I lived in Humboldt and we would smoke in nets up in the redwoods 100 ft in the air

  15. tricerapops_ says:

    Woods are just don’t smoke….

  16. mcpickins says:

    Fuck bro nice toke spot

  17. danielanthonyboro says:

    Yo what up what up Yadadayeee

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