Smoking Anime Weed

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I learned how to use Sapphire (Sort of)
Song:Whitewoods – Beachwalk (Pyrocynical opening)

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11 thoughts on “Smoking Anime Weed”

  1. spookl says:

    lewd weed

  2. Epic says:


  3. Foos says:

    Why does this video have any views at all

  4. Joe Lowery says:

    Hello to all the other people who will rarely ever see this in the FUTURE!

  5. Foos says:

    1.3k people actually wasted a couple min of their lifd for this video. Dear god..

  6. THTerra says:

    Yeah, same, dude!

  7. skapity bap says:

    This is why I smoke weed

  8. GamerForEver says:


  9. WeirdShamanWizzard says:

    Wtf did i smoke

  10. Alchemy lolis y pan says:

    i love this

  11. GRIEF1712 says:

    I hate to say it, but… I get it….

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