14 thoughts on “Smoking Out Of A Wooden Pipe and Taking Dabs”

  1. xOTSx918x says:

    Like your song bro

  2. Xavier Williams says:

    Where can I get this song?

  3. Kreesey Videos says:

    Chill vibe nice song, nice jacket bro

  4. jake casazza says:

    Clean glass pls

  5. HackanHacker says:

    nice pipe bro

  6. Rollerz leader says:

    geah, keep smoking that wooden crack pipe. i saw the little white rocks on top sizzle!

  7. PJV710 says:

    Yo, nice rig where can I get one like that?

  8. Federal Pumas says:

    Bro i want that pipe so bad lol, i like wood pipes alot

  9. calikitten25 says:

    How would you clean this pipe? I'm getting a wooden pipe for my bf for Christmas very similar to yours and I'm trying to learn about smoking out of them and everything lol

  10. Christ Julius says:

    I am pretty sure you may find good solution on woodprix website 🙂

  11. Remington Mcneese says:

    Great to see that woodprix has new instructions to save my money and energy to build it.

  12. Wise Old Wind says:

    That jacket lookin nice

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