This video is entended for documentation, entertainment and artistic expression. Do NOT try this at home.

Today i combined the traveler bong from waxmaid with the trusty thick ass glass beaker to smoke not one but TWO cones in one breath. Hope you all enjoy.

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  1. Time Keeper420 says:

    Cheers, u should of added a straw so it touched the water

  2. WLG WLG says:

    Sup brutha. Here in Houston. Takin shots, and gettin hot here in the lone star state brother. You actually inspired me to share my video last night when with your kind words you mentioned to share updates with my trip. Much respect homez, it's been a blast, so far

  3. Ciggie Bumma says:

    Cheers to you ya farkn stoner!

  4. CUZZIN!!! Combo King says:

    Very awesome hits yae one and awesome bong

  5. James Houck says:

    I like this content what can I say keep posting and I'll keep smashing the shit out of that like button hope you and the misses are good stay blessed brother

  6. the_lone_dabber 710 says:

    Fahckin skitz mate! You're a legend my man!!

  7. Dan Anderson says:

    Respect my brother Yae .. god bless hope all good out that way. Mad respect my brother hope all good

  8. Kane Hira says:


  9. Cn0ev0 says:

    hell yeah bro much respect

  10. Canjuanna Grows says:

    great video yae one!

  11. CLK Products says:

    Peace Brother. Just caught the end of a live one, been off for a cupple of years. Hope to catch you more often in the near future.
    P.S. Are you the new Jolie Olie 😛 lol
    Peace Bro.

  12. CLK Products says:

    And i got some Arjans Strawberry haze to smoke on to enjoy your vid.

  13. MrGziss says:

    Good times! Clean vid,bud.

  14. MittyThaKiiD says:

    you needed to do it out of the gator bong!!

  15. get rekt says:

    we wana c more ripz w tha misses

  16. Wippen2J says:

    Idk why I didn’t get a notification for this vid

  17. chris convicto says:


  18. Dalton Spams L2 says:

    Bro I’m getting my first glassy

  19. Turner Moczygemba says:

    Genius use of that silicone technology

  20. Turner Moczygemba says:

    Love the adidas tee bro

  21. 420 bluetongue Medication says:

    Wow holy crap that looks wicked hell yeah brother ur a champion

  22. reeci lee says:

    dude your crazy asf man been watchen ya vids sins day 1 man and was hooked bruzzy ay im from Australia qld and just wont to say keep doing what ya doing cuz I get baked as a cake every time ya post a vid and id love to tell ya what im smoken on but I don't no what strain it is hahah

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