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Legal Rhode Island Medical Marijuana Patient.
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  1. ShaniaPro says:

    When you said your parents don't live far I thought you meant a block or two away lmao

  2. Mtn Pure says:


  3. Anthony Richard says:

    literally the shower situation is so real

  4. Autoriff says:

    I can't hear the high pitch noise from the TV. Crap, I'm getting old.

  5. zebafella1 says:

    Looking awesome girl! MUG

  6. Sean Griffin says:

    Oh Sasha! I’m so excited for you! This is such an exciting time in your life! Thank you for sharing!

  7. Sam's Archive says:

    Do your parents know you smoke? Will they be okay with you smoking in your new place? Happy for you girlll

  8. Kimmie says:

    You should write out a bill to the last owners for you having to clean ou their shit.

  9. Lani Berken-flower says:

    I love how positive you are. Can’t wait to see Casa del Sasha

  10. Lani Berken-flower says:

    Can you please decorate your apartment for Xmas!

  11. Haley Penuel says:

    annie tarasovas cards!! I love!!

  12. Phil MacNaughton says:

    You’re cute

  13. CloudyTrics says:

    congrats on the new pad! Lol youll make it look awesome! friggin huge apt!! omg

  14. eric bryant says:

    yep!!! there is nothing better than getting your own place

  15. Robert Palys says:

    I don't miss living in the city!

  16. Sam Metzel says:

    Congrats on ur new apt

  17. Jeune freezer says:

    You are very pretty 🙂

  18. Silent Echo says:

    God bless you, good people like u & your family deserves good happenings, fantastic set-up u have w/ your apt.. You`re creative that's the fun part iz fixing it up like you want it. Cheerz I`m vaping on GORLLA GLUE # 4, aaawweeessome, you`re right, it`z the bomb.

  19. jessbeets says:

    Thank you for sharing this journey with us!
    Signed the petition!

  20. Don & Donald says:

    Signed dat petition! New to your channel and love your videos! Love from Canada!!

  21. Chris James says:

    Omg vlogmas:)

  22. Planet Buds559 says:

    Can’t wait to see an update when it is finished Gurl

  23. Austin Valentino says:

    What brand or company would you recommend getting CBD oil tinctures from? I live in a state where I can’t get it from a dispensary in any form but I’ve heard of brands like Charlotte’s Web and Select.

  24. The Vlogs/gaming says:

    Crimbo gunna be a gud one xx

  25. The Vlogs/gaming says:

    Wow alot of work lassie . If you need any help painting and decorating and flooring would be happy to help . Pretty sweet being so close to youre family loves it 😉

  26. The Vlogs/gaming says:

    Huge house ain't it alot of potential like

  27. The Vlogs/gaming says:

    Wow awesome British bull dogs

  28. Rezzy says:

    so close knit with the fam i love it

  29. YellowJelloXD says:

    it has potential, sasha
    you're gonna make it look awesome :'))

  30. Belatorius says:

    Are you rich?

  31. Nerdvana'sDomain says:

    "We've been paying rent late for a year and there has been no problem before, why is it an issue now?"

    It's an issue because Sasha's parents were extremely generous giving them time to catch up, not be eternally late

  32. Fake Fly says:

    What was outside the bay window???

  33. Neon969 *** says:

    Liberty hemp

  34. bob smith says:

    that place will look nice once you do a remakeover I'm happy for you and jealous at the same time

  35. Smokey2901 Yah says:

    So awesome !!

  36. SRCASTK says:

    Finally Ur Getting Ur Liberty… U are So Lucky To Be Healthy Successful Beyond Beautiful Established Accepting Parents And Someday You’ll Make One Dude Beyond Lucky… Merry Christmas To You Your’s And The Spirits Of Those We Loss… 😉 If I Was 25, I’d Attempt To Ask You Out… I’m Not, So Moot…

  37. aileen cerezo says:

    Dude! The downstairs will be so sick as a studio!!!

  38. Rachel As She Paints says:

    My dad is a landlord and it is not as easy as one might think, I feel for you guys. As a renter I always thought damage deposits were huge, but when people actually cause damage to a property, the damage deposit almost never covers all the repairs or upkeep. I’m glad you guys aren’t dealing with that anymore. My dad is really laid back and works with people the best he can but people can get nasty fast. Good luck with your new place.

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