I do not condone any illegal or dangerous acts. this video is for documentation, entertainment and artistic expression. Dont try this at home.

Today we took an 8 mile hike to a place called Coyote Hole and smoked a sesh with MissYae, Beautox Rocks and Dj Fallen1. Hope you all enjoy !!

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  1. Random misfit says:

    In the wild!!!!!!!!!!! Brother I love the outdoors!!!!

  2. Random misfit says:

    Getting stoned around the stones!!

  3. MrGziss says:

    Great video buddy…good vibes! Sweet mixing/editing work too.

  4. Kerrie Blaisdell says:

    Nice video! Smoke sesh on a hike is the best!

  5. likusone says:

    <3 nice . i whant to see more 🙂 cheers

  6. kraunDabs SF says:

    Epic hike brother. Looked like an awesome day out there!

  7. Cheese Doodle says:

    i love that desert vibe, its hard to see when all you got is snow lol… very nice vid yae

  8. Bram Clarkson says:

    Looks sick

  9. Maica 11:11 says:

    Adored your video my younglings. Badasses……..loved the boulders…..keep giving hope with dope lmaoooooo

  10. Loony Productions says:

    Love it. Amazing contrast to my home. One day fam. Loony in Cali. Much love and aloha.

  11. The Mighty Spoon says:

    Lovely spot for a smoko bro. Outdoor sessions out in the wilderness are always the best my guy keep em a coming

  12. Minivan Mike says:

    Hey. Saw you in a LS. I will be watching. Visit me if you can. Thx

  13. 23kc says:

    Hey what’s up just met you on a live pop by and see me leave a comment

  14. 23kc says:

    Deerpark sent me

  15. Kristin B says:

    New here showing support let’s keep in touch

  16. James Clark says:


  17. maryjane_ Giveaway says:

    Hello new friend here happy 420 ✌

  18. Tiger Craps says:


  19. Jayla Michelle says:

    cool video!

  20. YourBuds Grow420 says:

    Fun times! Hope to see more vids!

  21. Wonderful Life says:

    what a interesting formation of rocks

  22. Tree trimmer82 says:

    Hello just saw you on live I just hit the red button for you great channel lets stay connected

  23. Tracey treasures says:

    New hit the bell and the like have a great weekend

  24. BNO Outdoors says:

    From bounty. Great looking channel. Great video. Your growing well. Rang the bell.

  25. AatA TV says:

    Wow so scared.
    New friend here. Stay blessed

  26. Spencertainment TV says:

    Great video man keep it up!

  27. Passion for Hunting and fishing says:

    New friend in the house let’s stay connected

  28. Gabriel Rhodes says:

    Hey Yae, just watched your livestream and just wanted to make sure you are ok and want you to know that someone out here is worried about you and wants to make sure you know that we care,

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