Smoking Weed With Watermelon Bong

Smoking Weed With Watermelon Bong

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42 thoughts on “Smoking Weed With Watermelon Bong”

  1. ya yeet says:

    Mango do it

  2. seth deshotel says:

    I wanna see a vid where y'all clear a bowl man lol(even tho I know y'all can) I just wanna see y'all keep up the good shit and keep it real

  3. Deborah Jean says:

    its three nigs ya dig

  4. Kyle Willard says:

    I broke my bowl a week ago and I've been using tin foil and felt gross as hell and this video made me remember the strawberry thank you so fucking much yo.

  5. SQUINTZ The stoner says:

    Loaded up the best channel honestly id love to smoke with u guys

  6. Kenneth White says:

    Who that nigga in the blue, fuck randoms

  7. Clint Huncho says:

    Bruh sweater fasholy on point

  8. Mr.Free says:

    Nah that aint a watermelon bong thats a glass bong with a watermelon bowl lmao

  9. tonio 18 says:

    Lmaoo the shit you do when your high

  10. XxIDK57xX says:

    Bruh I just hit a time bong and eating watermelon rn

  11. Joe Lavigna says:

    this some click bait

  12. Joe Lavigna says:

    this some click bait

  13. Waffle _ says:

    I dare you lot to do a Mango bowl.

  14. Purple Weekdays says:

    Go head hit dat crossover lol

  15. Purple Weekdays says:

    Randy still reigning loaded up champ.

  16. For Da boys says:

    Great idea would never have thought of that

  17. Almost Garage says:

    What if you in Hawaii and you celebrate like Hanukkah? Exactly shalom

  18. Dan Lopez says:

    Pineapple bong

  19. David Cairns says:

    mic check 1, 2 …. mic check 1, 2 testing testing

  20. TᗰB Zombie says:

    Quavo is that you?

  21. Toese45 says:

    I was high af and as soon as fly began to laugh about the Hawaii celebrating hannukah comment I laughed so hard and knocked out lol

  22. Hunter Yee says:

    Randy got a fire flannel on!

  23. Zavier Kornegay says:

    Y'all gotta do a sugar cane pipe I swear y'all gonna love it

  24. Cristian Gramajo says:

    4:43 "it's really a delicacy out here"

  25. HypnoticGaming YT says:

    you know what i strait dont like the guy on the left fuck that guy

  26. HypnoticGaming YT says:

    love the content tho +rep

  27. Trent Will says:

    Watermelon bowl**

  28. Chris 407 says:

    Fam went from Poppin & locken on that bong rip to celebrating Hanukkah in Hawaii like yo that's some good good in that watermelon stay #loadedup

  29. AWGE 2900 says:

    That nigga on the right look like a great value version of future lmfao

  30. anotheraccount420 says:

    If you were really committed you would have hollowed out an entire watermelon and made a bong similar to the pumpkin bong

  31. Josh Curtis says:

    "Be a good center piece for a stoner wedding."
    "Yea, and if youre in hawaii and you celebrate hanukah…shalom"
    Boy high as fuck lmfao

  32. chancebandet says:

    Hahaha i think the guy in the middle is always hilarious when i watch these weedeos.
    Its like taking a bite but you inhale. XD

  33. Dakotah Cox says:

    i love when they smoke with Future

  34. punchyloc1 green says:

    Love the video my guy's stay smoking and stay loaded up

  35. Jason Rodriguez says:

    3 black guys and some watermelon. The only thing they need is some fried chicken

  36. Shea Taliaferro says:

    Is that broke homie quan on the right???

  37. Volky says:

    Best moment to watch Loaded Up is be High and eat something good! :3 Best channel Ever 🙂

  38. Simply Tyler says:

    sugarcane pipe

  39. BluΞBeRrY says:

    Yep. Nothing stereotypical here at all. Nope. Not at all.

  40. Slay T says:

    Its been proven that eating mangoes before smoking increases your high so why not try a Mango pipe! #StayLoadedUP

  41. kody elliott says:

    nice you guys should try making a pineapple bong now that would be badass cool video guys

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